Do your part during Energy Action Month

  • Published
  • By Paul Woods
  • 82nd Civil Engineering Squadron/Sheppard Resource Efficiency Manager
Energy conservation and energy security are central to all Airmen and their continued mission success. Team Sheppard supports the joint mission while improving resiliency, reducing demand, assuring supply and promoting energy awareness. We must foster a cost conscience culture in order to have assured access to energy. Having reliable energy is a strategic advantage. Energy conservation is a fundamental component of Sheppard operations and it must be considered in every mission and organization.

October is Energy Action Month! To support Energy Action Month, you will see an increased number of articles in the Senator, energy slogans on the marquee at the entry control points, energy information on the Sheppard Facebook page, and helpful checklist tools as guidance for saving and conserving energy. The energy team will be setting up our "Energy Booth" and distributing materials in the Sagebrush DFAC on Oct. 19, and you will also see promotions for the energy awareness course available on ADLS.

Quick facts:
· Air Force energy costs are estimated at $10 billion for fiscal year (FY) 2012 to include jet fuel
· In FY11, Sheppard spent $9.96 million on water, electricity, and natural gas
· Sheppard gets seven percent of its total electric power from renewable (wind) energy.

The Air Force campaign is "I am Air Force Energy".  For more information on Air Force energy initiatives, click here.

As you can see, these costs are significant! Every member of Team Sheppard must do their part to support our Cost Conscious Culture (C3) when carrying out the mission.