Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day

  • Published
  • By Robbie Monaghan
  • Airman and Family Readiness Center
"If the military had wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one." Remember those words? Well, that was then and this is now.

Today's military recognizes the importance of the military spouse and their contributions to the mission by declaring Military Spouse Appreciation Day May 7. This year, Sheppard's Airman and Family Readiness Center celebrates your day with a "Special Spouses' Pancake Party" from 9 - 11 a.m. at the A&FRC in Bldg. 962. There will also be a drawing for the commissary.

Military spouses, this is your day to stand up and be honored not only for your contributions and dedication to the military, but also for your many personal sacrifices.

As a military spouse, you have willingly packed up and relocated countless times, and sometimes been separated from parents and other family members for long periods of time.

Often there is the challenge of living in an unfamiliar ethnic or cultural setting. Frequent moves make it difficult for military spouses to pursue educational goals and establish networks for employment. You have dug deep into your inner reserves to nurture family life and hold families together.

You have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays and holidays alone. You have shown great spirit and strength when your active-duty spouse has gone into harm's way. You, too, have stood watch at home to show your support and serve your country.

Thank you, military spouses, for your devotion and commitment. We salute you!