SARC's Remarks

  • Published
  • By Valerie Cook
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office
Well, here it is, another year and a decade gone by! I think it's true, the older you get, the faster the time goes, but does that mean you get smarter with age?

Everyone is preparing for the weekend, where we may party too much, definitely eat too much and perhaps, drink too much, which might lead to some bad decision making.

I wanted to start this column in our base newspaper, not only to let you know we are here to assist you, 365 days, 24-7, but to periodically let you know what's going on in the Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office and provide you with an occasional, fictitious scenario asking for your input.

We will look at such words as "consent," "restricted reporting," "acquaintance rape" and other things as we try to figure out what Team Sheppard thinks about them.

I will challenge you to live up to the Wingman concept by becoming an active bystander.

So buckle in for another new year while you consider this question, "what is your definition of consent?"

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