I'm only buzzed

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Daryl Gurunian
  • 82nd Training Wing Safety Office
I'm not drunk, I'm only buzzed. I can still drive.

Have we heard this before? If you have, hopefully you have stepped in and stopped this person from driving or maybe realized yourself that you shouldn't be driving.

What is the difference between being drunk and being buzzed and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle? The truth is there is no difference except a misinformed mindset. You don't have to be falling down drunk to be over the legal limit of .08. Even one drink will impair you enough to affect your ability to drive and you should allow several hours to pass to let your body revert to normal condition.

Did you know that drivers under the age of 21 can be charged with driving under the Influence with a blood alcohol content of only .02? In most cases, that's probably less than a whole drink.

If you are under the age of 21, you should not consume any alcohol at all let alone get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you are over 21 and plan to consume alcohol, you should always have a plan and a back-up plan.

If your original plan fails and you find yourself stuck in a situation and need a ride home, please do not drive and try one of these methods:
- Use public transportation such as a bus or taxi;
- Call a (sober) friend to come pick you up;
- Call your supervisor, military training leader or first sergeant (I am sure they would rather pick you up from a bar rather than from jail or visit you in the hospital);
- As a last resort, you can always call Airmen Against Drunk Driving at 676-2233.

Do the smart thing and don't drink and drive.