A-76 Update

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Richard Devereaux
  • 82nd Training Wing commander
I know the A-76 process has been a long one, but I remain committed to keeping you informed all along the way and to doing everything possible to ensure our military and civilian Airmen are taken care of properly. As I mentioned in previous A-76 updates, our timeline was likely to slip because of the sheer volume of questions we've been getting from potential bidders--including our own government "Most Efficient Organization" (MEO) team. While previously we didn't have any specific details on a delay, we now have an approved extension which gives us a more accurate timeline.

Last week, the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Installations and Environment approved an extension that will allow us the time to answer all the questions so we get the best bids possible--including the bid from our MEO team. The bottom line is that the schedule will slip about five months---the cost comparison that was originally scheduled to be done in March is now projected to be done by August.

To provide a more in-depth update on the study, and to give you all a chance to ask questions about this change, and I've scheduled a Town Hall Meeting for April 11 at 1500 at the base theater. I will be unable to attend due to prior commitments, but I felt this was too important to wait, so I've asked the vice wing commander, Col Kris Beasley, to hold the meeting on my behalf.

We'll have our MPF experts on hand to answer questions from our military folks--I know many of you are wondering how this delay will affect your assignments. We'll also have experts on hand to answer questions from our civilians, but please realize we are still awaiting guidance from higher headquarters how to implement several changes to the civil service laws that were enacted in the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. If we can't answer your questions there, we'll research them and get back to you as soon as we can.

As always, if you have questions or need more information before the April 11 meeting, send them to A76@sheppard.af.mil and we'll respond as quickly as possible. I really appreciate the patience of our affected personnel in Civil Engineering, Trainer Development, Instructional Technology, and Fitness Center. We will continue to work hard to give you the latest information on the progress of the study and its impact on your future.