Number of unsecured facilities on the rise

  • Published
  • By Byron Harps
  • 82nd Security Forces Squadron
Sheppard has experienced an increase in unsecured buildings over the last few months, a trend that has Sheppard on track for more compared to last year.

Loss from unsecured buildings has the potential of costing you, the Air Force and our taxpayers. Looming even more serious is the possibility that classified information and components could be lost and/or compromised.

Every door and window left open is an invitation for a less than scrupulous person to help themselves to government and sometimes personal property. It is our responsibility as stewards of the taxpayers' dollars to protect property entrusted to us.

In addition, Air Force Instruction 31-101, The Air Force Physical Security Program, charges all active duty, civilians and family members with the responsibility of securing resources.

Here are a few helpful hints to help you protect our property and assets:

· Ensure the locking mechanism on your doors works properly.
· Use a system such as a checklist to check your facility, this ensures the chance of missing a door or window will decrease.
· Equip doors where permitted with self locking handles.
· Designate individuals to check the facility after duty hours. The person would sign a log indicating the facility doors and windows were checked and what time they were checked and the status, secured/unsecured.
· Randomly conduct building inspection during non-duty hours.
· Post signs at entrances and exits reaffirming that security is everyone's responsibility. · Illuminate all doors and entrance ways.

Security forces often find facilities unsecured. When they come across an unsecured facility, they contact the building custodian. Regardless of the time of night or day, weekend or holiday, they must respond. The security forces member and the custodian conduct a check of the facility to rule out missing property and foul play.

A letter from the security forces commander is then sent to the owning squadron commander and group commander notifying them that their building was found unsecured. It is imperative we do all we can to secure the property entrusted to us.

For more information, call Byron Harps, Crime Prevention Officer, at 676-2106.