Base set for air conditioning, heating changeover

  • Published
  • By Sam Hagins
  • Base energy manager
It's time again for Sheppard to begin its transition from cooling to heating.

Heat will be provided when a facility manager calls the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning shop at 676-4277 to request changeover. Regardless of requests, base-wide transition to heating will start automatically if the base weather station forecasts daily low temperatures of 45 degrees or below for five consecutive days.

Transition can take up to two days in older facilities that share heating and cooling piping. Therefore, we do not want to revert back to cooling in these facilities once transition to heating is completed. Due to extreme temperature fluctuations in North Texas this time of year, we ask that personnel be patient during transition and dress accordingly.

Room temperature settings are a cornerstone of Sheppard's energy conservation program. Air Education and Training Command policy is that facility room temperatures shall be 70-72 degrees during the heating season. Exceptions are as follows: Child Development Center, 74 degrees; 82nd Medical Group patient areas, 74 degrees; industrial areas (shops, high bays, etc.), 55 degrees; storage areas, 40 degrees; and warehouses, not applicable if no danger of freezing.

In accordance with Sheppard Air Force Base Instruction 23-301, Engergy Conservation, and SAFBI 32-2001, Sheppard Air Force Base Fire Protection Program, space heaters are prohibited at Sheppard except where a facilities HVAC cannot maintain mandated heating season temperatures listed above. Space heater requests are submitted on SAFB Form 17 and sent to the base energy manager for approval.

Our goal is to make your environment as comfortable as possible during this transition. For more information, call Sam Hagins, base energy manager, at 676-5689.