Don't miss out because all you do is your job

  • Published
  • By Command Chief Chief Master Sgt. Jeannie McLean
  • 82nd Training Wing
Oct. 11 marks my one-year anniversary with the 82nd Training Wing. It's been a fast and exciting year! 

One of the best things I get to do is talk with our Airmen and NCOs about different things, whether its career related or just getting to know them. Last week, I had a conversation with a few Airmen who are new to Sheppard. One of the questions I always ask is if they are living on or off base. The Airmen said they were living off base. When I asked them why they made that choice, the one answer that really surprised me was, "I just want to do my job and go home." 

My initial thought was, "Wow, you picked the wrong employer" - but my next thought was, "Where did we go wrong?" The Air Force is not a corporation like WalMart. WalMart doesn't ask their employees to lay down their lives for their country, but we will. 

Our mentality must be different. It's our job, as leaders, to make sure everyone feels like they are a part of the Air Force family. It's about esprit de corps and camaraderie. We still call it the "Whole Person Concept." You do your job, you improve yourself with education and you do volunteer work to make the world a better place. 

If all you do is your job, you'll miss the look on a child's face when he receives his gift during "Give a Child a Christmas." If you only do your job, you won't march in a Veteran's Day parade and hear the crowd cheering. If you just do your job and go home, you won't see the incredible talent we have in the Air Force when Tops in Blue comes to town - or at our own Sheppard Club during the next Sheppard Idol competition. If you go straight home after work, you'd miss nights to remember, like the Air Force 60th Anniversary Ball.
If you haven't heard, we're starting something new with our Airmen in Training. On Saturdays, we will have sporting events and other activities for the Airmen to participate in. Last week, we took over 800 Airmen to the Midwestern State University football game. This coming Saturday we're expecting 1,000 Airmen to take part in kickball, dodge ball, Frisbee football, soccer, running, volleyball and basketball. 

Our ultimate goal will be to have over 50 percent of our Airmen in Training involved on Saturdays. We're going to start their Air Force careers by encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone. We want to teach them the value of "joining" and being part of the team. 

As a permanent party member here, I encourage you to get involved in the Top 3 or the Junior Enlisted Team Sheppard (JETS) or the Company Grade Officer Association. Join your unit's booster club. Join the Air Force Sergeants Association. Volunteer to work at the Special Olympics. Devote a weekend to Airmen Against Drunk Driving. We want you to take pride in the fact that you belong to the best Air Force on the planet! 

Sheppard is an incredible place to work and live. Don't just do your job and go home - be a big part of the Air Force family and make a difference in the world and yourself. You'll be glad you did!