Conservation Corner: Employees urged to save electricity during the last days of summer

  • Published
  • By Sam Hagins
  • Base energy manager
As the mercury hovers around 100 degrees in North Texas, Sheppard's demand for electricity is at record levels. 

This is driven by our need for more air conditioning during this hottest season of the year. Although electricity makes up roughly half of Sheppard's annual energy consumption, it counts for about 75 percent of Sheppard's total energy cost. 

Utilities are a "must pay," which means money may have to be diverted from other funds that affect our quality of life in order to pay our bills. Therefore, we're asking all base personnel to intensify their efforts to conserve this critical resource. 

Please help us continue our Load Reduction Program as a method of reducing electrical consumption and saving utility dollars. Load reduction is an energy reduction program that employees participate in by turning off lighting and non-mission critical devices not needed to do their jobs. Load reduction also reduces heat load in our facilities which keeps them cooler during the sweltering months of summer. 

Conserving electricity can only be successful with the help of all Sheppard members. All of us can lend a hand in turning off and keeping off any unneeded lighting and electrical equipment during the day. It doesn't seem like much, but if everyone does a little it adds up. Even small reductions in electricity usage can lead to large monetary savings. 

Contact your facility manager to get involved and see what you can do to help. Conserving electricity is everybody's responsibility. And remember, load reduction is the best way for everyone to stay involved. 

For more information on load reduction or energy conservation, call Sam Hagins, base energy manager, at 676-5689