Water safety important to summer fun

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Shaundana Vernon
  • 82nd Training Wing Safety Office
Summer is here and as the weather heats up many of us will choose water activities as a way to cool down and have some fun.

Here are some tips that can help keep you safe while you're having fun this summer.

· Never swim alone, take a wingman along.
· Only swim at approved and/or designated swimming areas.
· Do not swim when overheated, tired or immediately after eating.
· Check the water depth before entering. The American Red Cross recommends 9 feet as a minimum depth for diving or jumping.
· To prevent choking, never chew gum or eat while swimming, diving or playing in water.
· Know your personal limitations.

· Ensure there is one life preserver for each person on the boat, a fire extinguisher, an anchor and at least one paddle.
· Let someone staying behind know where the boaters are going and when they are expected to return.
· Make sure the captain or person handling the boat is experienced and competent.
· Avoid alcohol consumption.

Personal Water Craft
· Take a personal water craft safety course.
· Always wear a life preserver.
· Keep a safe distance from other water craft.
· Use idle speeds near shore.
· Stay alert.