Honeywell conducting energy surveys of base facilities

  • Published
  • By Sam Hagins
  • Base energy manager
Honeywell International has been selected to provide a proposal under an Energy Savings Performance Contract. 

As part of this, engineers from Honeywell are conducting energy surveys of Sheppard facilities during the month of May. The purpose of the surveys is to determine which facilities are possible candidates for energy efficient upgrades as part of an ESPC.

The Honeywell engineers will be taking photographs of building facades, mechanical equipment, and lighting fixtures as part of the surveys. They will not, however, photograph any sensitive equipment or aircraft.

We ask that Sheppard employees and especially facility mangers give the Honeywell engineers any assistance needed to make these surveys as thorough as possible.

Questions related to the energy surveys can be referred to Sam Hagins, base energy manager, at 676-5689 or Tech. Sgt. David DeLoney, base utilities manager, at 676-5674.