Space heaters a 'hot' topic at Sheppard

  • Published
  • By Sam Hagins
  • Base energy manager
The colder weather has prompted many calls to the 82nd Civil Engineer Squadron about the use of portable space heaters at Sheppard.

Most inquiries have been about base policy on their use. Because of their fire hazard and energy inefficiency, space heaters are prohibited at Sheppard - excluding military family housing - except where adequate heating is not provided by other means. This means that space heaters can only be used by those in buildings whose heating system cannot maintain Air Education and Training Command-mandated winter room temperature standards of 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are no other exceptions.

Employees considering space heater use should first ask their facility manager to contact the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning shop at 676-4277 to see if the problem can be resolved. If HVAC craftsmen cannot resolve the problem and recommend space heater use, then the employee will fill out a SAFB Form 17, Space Heater Request Form.

Forms may be accessed electronically from the Sheppard home page.

The SAFB Form 17 requires all necessary signatures before space heater use is authorized. Signatures include supervisor of requester, the base energy manager and a Fire Department representative. The Form 17 must be dated the same fiscal year that the heater will be operated. The requester keeps the original form at the location of the space heater.

The 82nd CES Operations Flight and the Fire Department keep copies. The requester's supervisor is responsible for proper use and condition of space heater IAW SAFBI 32-2001, Sheppard Air Force Base Fire Protection.

Space heater approval must be validated annually using SAFB Form 17 for all space heaters on base. Approval expires once a facility transitions from heating to cooling.
Many requests for space heaters occur early in the day when employees first arrive to work.

Please remember that your facility will be a little cool in the mornings. This is because most facilities' heat is shut off at night to save energy and because of the extra cooling load caused by outside doors being opened as employees report to work.
For more information, call Sam Hagins at 676-5689.