Wearing blue today to honor our veterans

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Richard Devereaux
  • 82nd Training Wing commander
When most people think of veterans, they think of people who used to wear the uniform. 

But Veterans Day is about taking time to honor all veterans-those that have served and are currently serving to protect this great country. That's why we are wearing our blue uniform today-to honor our veterans. 

I am proud and honored to be in the company of so many great Team Sheppard active duty and retired Airmen who continue to serve their country every day. This weekend is a good time to reflect on the sacrifice servicemembers before us made and it is also a time to think about all that our current force does to keep America safe. 

Last month began a year-long celebration of our 60th anniversary as an Air Force. We are celebrating everyone from our first air warriors to today's professionals engaged in the war on terror. 

There are many examples throughout our history that bear witness to ordinary Americans that have transformed themselves into courageous Airmen. We at Sheppard play a large part in this heritage by training America's future Airmen veterans to carry on what others have done in the past. We are training them to "do something amazing" for their country. 

Many of these men and women come through the gates of Sheppard knowing very little about the Air Force they are joining but when they leave they have been taught by a dedicated group of professionals that allow them to proceed to their first assignments with the knowledge that makes them able warfighters. 

We see unmatched courage and commitment every day as our Airmen fight the Global War on Terror and we also continue to watch some of America's finest sons and daughters raise their right hand and swear to support and defend our Constitution. 

I'd encourage you to honor our veterans by attending one or both of two key events honoring our veterans. Once is our Veterans Day parade this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. at the Parade Field. The second is the Annual Veterans Day Parade, Saturday, Nov. 11, in downtown Wichita Falls. 

As we start this long weekend remember the Wingman refresher training you will receive today and focus on helping your Wingman have a safe and productive holiday. If you're driving a long distance, be sure you're rested. And if you're planning to drink, please don't drink with car keys in your pocket or purse. Hand them off to your wingman before you take that first drink. 

Thanks again for the hard work you do Team Sheppard Veterans. Americans everywhere are proud of your service. Because of veterans past, we are free. Because of you, we'll remain free.