Stay Focused

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Scott Goetze, Air Force Reserve Liaison

Air Force officials have been working for some time to reduce the active-duty end strength, as well as creating initiatives focused on balancing and reshaping the entire force.


Add this to the recent extension of our basic military training (CAPSTONE) and soon a new Enlisted Performance Rating system, and it becomes obvious the Air Force is in a state of change. So how are Airmen supposed to operate during this time of transformation?


The answer is simple: stay focused on the mission.


Your leadership is continuing to work to balance deployment times, capture end strength numbers and help stressed ISR and RPA career fields.  Within the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, we are also studying the right balance between transformational missions and new mission sets that were previously active duty-centric, and how they can be transferred to our AFR and ANG brethren.


While our leaders create our strategic plan, all the Air Force asks of you is that you come to work with a positive attitude and do the best job you can. This includes looking at innovative ways to streamline your process, and maximize value and minimize waste in your operation.


It also means understanding that your part in the mission may change, and instead of being skillful in one AFSC, you may find yourself becoming a “specialist,” developing expert knowledge in various fields. And most importantly, it means ensuring those you supervise have the resources and training needed to get the job done safely.


Though change is all around us, your focus should remain the same: handling each and every task brought before you with lethal efficiency. By keeping this mindset, we remain the best in the world at what we do … dominating Air and Space from 1 inch above the ground to 1000 miles above the earth.