372nd TRS, Det 4: Train personnel to uphold America's Air Dominance

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Shinn
  • 372nd Training Squadron

Unit:                Detachment 4, 372nd Training Squadron

Location:        Tyndall AFB, FL

Mission:          Train 325 Fighter Wing and Air Force-wide technicians to maintain F-22 aircraft systems utilizing state of the art technology while mentoring, inspiring and certifying our newest F-22 crew chief apprentices.

Vision:             Ensure that we remain the most technically proficient, best-educated, and best trained Air Force in the world.

Motto:             “Train Personnel to Uphold America’s Air Dominance”

Staff:               28 Active Duty

What We Do:

The “Raptor Teachers” of Detachment 4 consists of 14 instructors who instruct over 400 maintainers across eight AFSCs providing worldwide and local training on F-22 aircraft systems and support equipment for the 325th Fighter Wing active duty, Air National Guard and Reserve units.  The Detachment also provides training for the only F-22 Mission Ready Airmen crew chief program.  The program has 11 instructors who provides high skill level training using interactive training sets, simulators and actual aircraft to over 100 non-prior service members each year.  Developing Airmen is our top priority in providing the best warfighting assets to the operational Air Force.    



The Detachment Chief, MSgt Dennis Skinner said, “Detachment 4 provides sought after expertise. We assisted the 95th Aircraft Maintenance Unit with 16 launches for Operation Inherent Resolve. Our efforts alleviated an AMXS shortfall while enabling on-time aircraft with zero aborts. During the attendance of the Utilization & Training Workshop for Mission Ready Airmen course revamp, our curriculum development team streamlined four objectives to reflect real-world training experience to enhance the knowledge of pipeline trainees. The result is a drastic increase in positive feedback from the students and Supervisors as our Airmen venture into the operational Air Force. Additionally, the Detachment choreographed and funded “cradle to grave” Fuels Systems Trainer facility and transfer. The $1.1M project finalized and solidified the innovative networking capability of Det 4 instructors, certifying 50 technicians across four MAJCOMs. Finally, our MTL program implemented new security measures, three buildings were fitted with security cameras monitoring over 100 students a year. The MTLs’ efforts spurred dorm security upgrades across the 325th Fighter Wing.

Det 4 is constantly striving to honor our history, serve our past and empower our future. We immerse ourselves in the betterment of our Detachment and the unit we serve here at Tyndall AFB. We encourage and promote innovative ideas and a sense of community across the spectrum of the 372nd Training Squadron.”