372nd TRS, Det 7: Preparing today's maintainers for tomorrow's challenges

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Kenneth Shinn
  • 372nd Training Squadron

Unit: Field Training Detachment 7, 372nd Training Squadron


Location: Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho


Mission: Lead, Train, and Inspire Those We Meet


Vision: Provide Training and Support That Makes a Lasting Difference


Motto: “Preparing Today’s Maintainers for Tomorrow’s Challenges”


Staff: 14 Enlisted Active Duty


What We Do:


Detachment 7 is located at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, home of the 366th Fighter Wing. The Detachment Chief, Master Sgt. Steven Green said, “We are a small tenant unit, but we have a big impact. We are comprised of 14 Active Duty enlisted members who train F-15E aircraft maintenance and are the best at what we do. We are highly qualified, highly motivated, team-oriented, and focused on leading, training, and inspiring all individuals we come in contact with.”


Since January 2016, this Field Training Detachment has conducted 56 courses, provided more than 3,700 training hours, and graduated 175 maintenance technicians. The det has sent several instructors across the globe to fill six Mobile Training Team requests. The students at these other locations are Active Duty Airmen, Civilians, members of the Air National Guard, and even internationally, members of the Republic of Singapore Air Force and the Royal Air Force of Oman. By conducting formal training courses, maintenance training sessions, and supplying man-power during high tempo flight-line maintenance operations, the instructors prove time and again why they were selected to represent the Air Force’s field training.


Master Sgt. Green went on, “Several of our instructors have been involved in areas that reach far beyond the walls of our school house.  One of our Avionics Systems instructors, Tech. Sgt Jonathan Heylman, was part of the team that re-wrote the CFETP for 2A3X4 Airmen.  Our egress instructor, Master Sgt. Cody Faulk, is routinely contacted by NASA for technical assistance and certifications.  In addition, Tech. Sgt. Ryan Cullen, one of our Crew Chief instructors, was recently recognized for his actions after rescuing two civilians from distress in a local reservoir. These are just a few of the outstanding actions Det 7’s members have been a part of.”


“To sum it up, we lead by example, we always aim to train, and we desire to inspire each other, our students, and those around us,” concluded Master Sgt. Green.