372nd TRS, Det 27: making great maintainers and communicators even better

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Kenneth Shinn
  • 372nd Training Squadron

Unit: Field Training Detachment 27, 372nd Training Squadron


Location: Grand Forks, ND


Mission: Making Great Maintainers and Communicators Even Better


Vision: Teaching the Future Today


Motto: “Preparing Today’s Maintainers for Tomorrow’s Challenges”


Staff: 7 Enlisted Active Duty


What We Do:


The 372nd Training Squadron’s Field Training Detachment 27 is located at Grand Forks Air Force Base near the city of Grand Forks and North of Fargo in Northeastern North Dakota. Det 27’s vision is “Teaching the future, today!”,  which is emblematic of the technologically advanced aircraft they instruct on and propels them to complete their mission of “Making great maintainers and communicators even better.”


    Master Sgt. Christopher Miller, Detachment Chief said, “Our mission and vision meshes perfectly with the entire RQ-4 Global Hawk system which is all about providing superior surveillance and real-time communication.  Our instructors have an extensive pool of knowledge which comes from the diverse work experience of our seven members.  While we may be one of the smallest detachments, we are exceptionally synergized, making us greater than the sum of our individual parts.”


    The detachment’s Production Supervisor, Tech. Sgt. Ryan Bacskai, further explained, “We at Det 27, are capable of providing all the required training for the entirety of the RQ-4 program here at Grand Forks. We support the 266 personnel assigned to our host unit, the 69th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.  In 2015 alone, we trained 142 students in 10 courses for a combined total of over 1100 hours!”


    Tech. Sgt. Ryan Bacskai continued, “We always look for ways to better ourselves and improve the quality of product we offer our host unit.  In the last 18 months we’ve added an advance wire maintenance course.  Recently, members of the host unit called upon the skills they gained in the wire maintenance course to correct a major discrepancy and return a crucial aircraft to service in the AOR.”  TSgt Bacskai ended with, “There’s nothing quite like seeing prior students accomplishing the mission with knowledge they gained from your instruction.”


   The senior Avionics instructor, Tech. Sgt. Kory Boardman, added, “Being an FTD instructor these last few years have been the best years in my Air Force career. The camaraderie and community involvement is at its core. Whether it’s coaching youth hockey or involvement in the local chamber of commerce, we are guided by a desire to better our community and invest in its future, today!”