Chief's Perspective: Can't replace human interaction

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Willie Curry
  • 82nd SFS

Today, leaders are tasked with a multitude of responsibilities and loaded with more demanding tasks beyond the normal clock.  Taking a break, lunch, or just checking in on staff usually gets cancelled or omitted from the schedule.  Leaders are increasingly confined to sitting in front of a virtual square responding to messages from here to there.  Is it the new normal ops keeping us pent up beneath priorities and tasks, looking around hopelessly for another hour-glass?  Is this the new normal where times go by where physical presence among the living gets lost, and the only person you can talk to is your boss?  You can’t replace human interaction.  Leaders, our physical presence still matters to the Airmen down below, because mentoring, advice, and experience can’t be replaced without your face.  Pay the rent!  Make time for your Airmen!  They need to see your walk, so they can understand your talk.  Human interaction is a measurement of effective communication influenced by leadership and motivation with the purpose of two or more people driven by common goals, balanced attitudes and collaboration.  Yes! We need to communicate more.  The good book asks us, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”  We don’t always have to agree, but what we do daily for our country, community, family, and the Air Force strengthens our military relationship and unlocks the door to more opportunities and membership.  Be fervent about your people and mission.  Show them you care!  We can’t falter nor fail with a solid foundation.  Pay the rent!  Engage our Airmen!  Show them the way!  Pick them up when they are down!  Prepare them to flourish and not fail.  Reassurance enhances resilience.  So if you want to help your people, get to know them! HUAH!