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Facebook Remedy

  • Published
  • By 82nd Mission Support Group
  • 82nd Communications Squadron
Many have reported issues with logging in to Facebook from their Air Force computer. Below are the steps to fix the issue, both steps must be completed in order to access Facebook. First step must be completed from a non-Air Force computer, second step on your Air Force computer.

The following steps must be done on a NON-Air Force computer to take effect.

1. Log into
2. Go to Account Settings
3. Choose Security
4. Select Secure Browsing under Security Settings
5. Remove the checkmark from Secure Browsing
6. Save changes

Do the following steps on the Air Force computer.
1. Log out of Facebook.
2. Go to tools
3. Internet Options
4. Under Browsing History on the General tab click delete
5. Make sure Temporary Internet Files and Cookies are checked
6. Click Delete

You should now be able to open up Facebook and when you log in the correct screen should display.

*Please direct all questions to the 82nd Communications Squadron*