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Public's help needed to properly label storm drains

  • Published
  • By Darcas Pena
  • 82nd Civil Engineering Squadron
Did you know that all the stormwater that runs off Sheppard Air Force Base flows to two creeks, Bear and Plum Creek?
These creeks flow to the Wichita River, which in turn flows into the Red River, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

There are many pollutants that can enter the stormwater. Trash, sediment/dirt, lawn clippings, hydraulic fluid, fuel, oil and heated water are just a few pollutants in a very long list.  Make sure to take care of pollutants and that you do not dump them into the storm drain system, as this as a long list of short and long-term effects on our eco-system.

Sheppard's Environmental Team, which consists of six team members, has begun the process of placing storm labels on hundreds of storm drains.  Help is still needed from the public to make sure all storm drains get properly labeled.  

Now the big question! Have you see labels on the storm drains? If you see a storm drain that is unlabeled, please contact Ms. Darcas Pena (base Water Program Manager) a call at 676-5719.

The environmental team would like to have all the storm drains labeled by the end of the year.  With your help, we can make sure it happens!