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2012-2013 Holiday Exodus Information

  • Published
  • By Marnie McKenzie
  • 82d Force Support Squadron
The Information, Tickets & Travel (ITT) Office is ready to assist you with all of your travel needs (airline, shuttle tickets, etc.) and questions during the holiday exodus season.

Exodus dates: 22 Dec. 12 - 2 Jan. 13 (Must return on 2 Jan. 13)

Normal Operating Hours: Mon. - Fri. 10 am - 6 pm (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays Closed)
Special Operating Office Hours - 1 Nov.-21 Dec.: Mon.-Fri.9 am - 7 pm
Located inside the Community Center (Building 430)
Call Cindy, Sue or Joshua at 940-676-7014, 940-676-7018 or 940-676-7019

Things to remember when planing your trip home:

Military discounts are not available online - You will receive any available military discount for your flights through the ITT Office or an authorized military leisure travel office.

No fare is guaranteed until it is paid in full - An airline ticket quote does not constitute a guaranteed price. Flights during exodus fill up quickly, plan ahead and purchase your ticket early to save time and money.

Read your itinerary carefully - Report any misspelled names, incorrect dates, flight times, etc. before your ticket is issued.

Airport shuttle bus - The shuttles are a guaranteed means of transportation for Airmen-in-Training between the departing airports and Sheppard AFB.. A printed copy of your flight itinerary or ticket must be presented in order to purchase a shuttle bus ticket. Shuttle bus tickets are issued to match airline ticket itineraries. The price for a round trip ticket is $100  or $50 for one way transportation.  The return is on January 2, 2013, and will accommodate those AiTs that return late due to weather delays. For weather cancellations or delays passengers must check in at the airport or by calling the airline directly for any and all canceled or delayed flights. After doing so, the AiT will then need to contact their appropriate squadron phone number (listed on the emergency info card to be given out Exodus night) to let them know they are delayed.

For more information and to make travel arrangements contact the ITT Office at 940-676-7014, 940-676-7018 or 940-676-7019