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Sheppard's sharpshooters: This is what makes us unique

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Adawn Kelsey
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs
Training, dedication, hard work and talent are all partsĀ in what it takes to join one of the most elite forces at Sheppard. Sharpshooters are specifically selected individuals in a security forces unit who are chosen to prove they can perform at a higher level of expertise.

Sharpshooters are expected to be consistent, accurate, precise and in good physical condition.

Staff Sgt. William Trim, 82nd Security Forces Squadron confinement NCO in charge, said he had to take one of two courses in order to become a sharpshooter.

"You have to successfully complete the Advanced Designated Marksman course or the Close Precision Engagement course," the sergeant said. "However, in order to even be chosen for one of the courses, you have to consistently fire expert with the M-4 and be in good physical condition. When I went through ADM my class began with 33 Airmen and only nine graduated."

Sergeant Trim said the ADM course teaches individuals how to fire and clean an M24 sniper rifle, how to be a spotter and range estimation. He said CPEC is different from ADM because there is a field craft portion to the course. During field craft personnel are taught the skills of stalking, land navigation and to make Ghillie suits.

"Our purpose is to take a precise shot at a great distance with great accuracy," the sergeant said. "These courses are where we train and enhance our skills."

Staff Sgt. Douglas Lundquist, 82nd SFS services NCO, said, as a sharpshooter, he has a favorite weapon.

"We use the M24 sniper rifle in addition to our normal weapons," Sergeant Lundquist said. "However, Sergeant Trim and I both agree the M24 is probably one of our favorites. If an M24 is in the right hands, it is a very accurate weapon."

Sergeant Lundquist said one of the best parts of becoming a sharpshooter was when he qualified with the M24 sniper rifle.

"There aren't many people who get the chance to shoot like we have," Sergeant Lundquist said. "It is a really awesome feeling to hear the shot and sound from the gun, then a pause, then the sound of hitting the metal target."

Sergeant Trim is one of the most qualified snipers at Sheppard. He said having this training makes the group of sharpshooters different from the rest of the unit.

"I'm proud of the training that we have all gone through," said the sergeant. "We possess a skill that not everyone has. This is what makes us unique."