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Golden Knights: 364th Training Squadron

  • Published
  • By Major Brian Templin
  • 364th Training Squadron
While many squadrons at Sheppard focus on one particular career specialty, the Golden Knights are probably the most diverse squadron in the 82nd Training Wing. The 364th Training Squadron "Golden Knights" provide technical training for Airmen in aircraft electrical, telecommunications cable and antennas, and aircraft fuels maintenance.

The squadron currently has approximately 500 Airmen-in-Training. In addition to the daily student instruction, there are numerous behind the scenes activities that ensure these Airmen are receiving the best possible technical training.

One area that is often overlooked is the training support flight. This cadre of professionals develops, maintains and manages all training plans and supportive documentation for the courses including writing career development courses, managing resources, overseeing trainers, developing curriculum, scheduling and ensuring training allocations for sister services.

Another critical arm of the squadron is the military training flight. The military training leaders "reinforce military conduct and discipline to produce skilled and professional airmen for operational units across the globe."

The MTF also emphasizes the Air Force core values, military bearing, behavior, conduct and teamwork. These areas are equally as important as the technical training mission and are essential to the success of the Air Force mission.

Military training leaders oversee the 364th TRS Airmen Leader Program, provide mentorship and guidance and assume responsibility for Airmen any time they are not in class.

The Golden Knights have three academic flights: aircraft systems, telecommunications and fuels.

Aircraft systems flight provides the knowledge and skills to perform maintenance on aircraft electrical, environmental, hydraulic and in-flight refueling systems. This requires a mix of hands-on training on several different aircraft and trainers, combined with classroom instruction using multimedia technology.

Telecommunications flight, also known as telecom, conducts training in antenna, cable and telephone communications systems to include pole climbing, tower maintenance and instruction in telephone maintenance and various communications switches. Telecom has the distinction of training active Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Army, Marine, Navy, Coast Guard and international students.

The Fuels training flight trains Airmen on "transfer, storage, quality testing, issue and contingency operations of petroleum products." This includes highly specialized training on fuels systems with trainer aircraft and equipment in a controlled fuel yard, to include pumping fuel, driving fuel trucks, fuel vehicle maintenance and many other critical functions.

Each year the 364th TRS continues to shape the Air Force's future as it trains more than 3,300 students and equips gaining DoD units -wide with mission ready Airmen in support of the War on Terrorism.

We can take pride in knowing the positive contributions made toward the future of the Air Force safeguards our country's constitutional rights here and abroad.