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Boil Water Rescind Notice Bldgs 1708 1719 1721

  • Published
  • By Bioenvironmental Engineering
  • 82 AMDS/SGPB
1.  On 06 July 2015, Sheppard AFB PWS issued a boil water notification for Bldgs. 1708, 1719, and 1721 Sheppard AFB, TX 76311 to comply with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The notification was to inform the patrons of Bldgs. 1708, 1719, and 1721 that on 02 July 2015, PAE was required to turn off the water to perform routine maintenance. This caused the water pressure in the building to drop below 20 psi. (PAE was able to conduct the required repairs and restore pressure above 20 psi).

2.  In an effort to maintain the health and safety of the base population, Bioenvironmental Engineering (BE) collected representative water samples from Bldgs. 1708, 1719, and 1721 to determine the current state of the water quality.  A state certified laboratory analyzed the samples and confirmed that the water supply to the building is safe to drink.

3.  Our system took the necessary corrective actions to restore adequate pressure, disinfectant levels, and/or bacteriological quality and will provide TCEQ with testing results that indicate that the water no longer requires boiling.

4.  We recognize being without water is a hardship and thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue.  If you have any questions regarding the drinking water quality, please contact Capt Lindsay M. Kotouch or A1C Kristian Pearson at extension 676-3080.