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Mosquito-Borne Diseases

  • Published
  • By Staff Reports
  • 82d AMDS Public Health Flight
This summer, protect yourself and loved ones from mosquito-borne diseases. Infectious mosquitos are the most common source of transmission for West Nile Virus (WNV) & Chikungunya. WNV infection causes flu-like symptoms, while Chikungunya may cause severe headache, muscle pain, joint-swelling or rash. There is no vaccine or treatment for either of these viruses.


· Use insect repellent containing at least 30% DEET.
· Wear proper protective clothing such as long sleeves & pants.
· Remove standing water in your surrounding area (i.e. old tires, clogged gutter drains, flower pots, & pet dishes).
· Install or repair screens around windows & doors.
· Avoid/reduce time outdoors during dusk & dawn when mosquitos are most active.