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Dangers of standing water

  • Published
  • By Staff Reports
  • 82d AMDS Public Health Flight
Lately rain has been more prevalent in Wichita Falls.  Increasing amounts of rain may help with the ongoing drought however, it comes with a new set of concerns.  The accumulating rain is creating non-potable standing and stagnant water, which poses a health risk to citizens.

To protect yourself and others from this water, avoidance is the best defense method.  Be sure not to consume flood water or give the water to pets.  Also, do not allow children to play in flood water areas.  Playing in these areas can lead to possible infections and potential injuries.  

Contact with standing water may result in infectious diseases,including diarrheal diseases and wound infections; chemical hazards, chemicals may have been moved from storage areas due to heavy movement of waters, leaving chance for contamination; injuries, animal or insect bites - be aware of displaced creatures, electrical hazards - avoid any shifted wires or power lines or wounds - sharp objects may not be seen beneath the water's surface.

For more information, please contact the 82d AMDS Public Health flight at 676-1874/3052 or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at: