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Individual Medical Readiness

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  • 82nd AMDS Public Health flight
Each year, military members are required to complete specific medical requirements to ensure worldwide readiness. Members are responsible for keeping track of their individual medical readiness, also known as IMR. 

Requirements for IMR include: annual preventative health assessment or known as PHA, laboratory tests, immunizations, annual dental exam, profiles and any medical equipment indicated such as, gas mask inserts. 

Each requirement is color coded based on its medical readiness status:

GREEN: Requirement is up to date and is not due.
YELLOW: Requirement is currently due.
RED: Requirement is overdue and supervision of member will be contacted.

Without a fully green IMR status, a military member is not medically fit to deploy. Members can access Deployment Forms: Pre-Deployment Health Assessment Form 2795, the Post Deployment Health Assessment Form 2796 (DRA), DD2900 (DRHA3), DD2978 (DRHA4, or DRHA5).

Military members can access their individual medical readiness and the vaccination records of dependents 16 years of age and younger. 

Please contact the 82nd MDG Immunizations Clinic for dependents 17 and older at (940) 676-3757 or (940) 676-5073.

Check these requirements and IMR status at:
For more information regarding your IMR status contact the 82nd AMDS Public Health flight at (940) 676-3052.