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Recalling 2014 Granny Smith And Gala Apples After Link To Listeria

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  • Public Health Flight
The 82d AMDS Public Health Flight received a food recall from Bidart Bros. of Bakersfield. They are voluntarily recalling ALL of its Granny Smith and Gala apple (fresh-pack, peelers, and processors) shipped from its packing facility Shafter, California in 2014.

A test was conducted on 23 December 2014 from the packing house and confirmed positive on Listeria, a foodborne illness that can cause serious illness in healthy people especially to pregnant women, children, elderly and those with weakened immune systems. Common symptoms are fever, muscle aches, nausea and diarrhea. This infection can be treated with a proper medication or antibiotics.

The product was shipped across the United States, but it was NOT distributed on Sheppard AFB.

Consumers who are buying or have recently bought Granny Smith or Gala apples should ask their retailers if the apples were supplied by Bidart Bros. Consumers should avoid eating commercially produced, prepackaged whole caramel apples that were manufactured using Bidart Bros. apples, ask retailer if the caramel apples were manufactured using recalled fruit. Other varieties of apples and apples from other growers are not affected by the recall.

Please contact Jake Burns, Apple Packing Manger for any questions at (661)399-0978. You may also contact 82d AMDS Public Health Flight at (940) 676-1874/3052 for additional information, questions or concerns.

Recommendations for preventing Listeriosis are available at the CDC Listeria website: