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Instructor of the Week: SSgt. Pittman

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  • By Staff Reports
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

Staff Sgt. Lisa Pittman, 82nd Force Support Squadron Airman Leadership School instructor and native of Newport News, Virginia, has been in the Air Force for seven years and is the Instructor of the Week at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, for the week of Mar. 8-14, 2016.


Most significant accomplishments:


“My most significant accomplishment to date is becoming a professional military instructor to mold and inspire young Airmen,” Pittman said. “Also, becoming a wife to my husband Christian and a mother to my beautiful daughters Trinity and Erin, have been among my greatest accomplishments.”


Airman’s story:


“I joined the military about seven years ago and am a client systems technician by trade,” she said. “Since I was a child I have always wanted to be a teacher. So, when the ALS instructor position opened up I immediately made an appointment with my command chief. My thought process was ‘what better way to fulfill all aspirations at one time; continue to be an Airman and become a teacher and instructor.’ I love to give back and volunteer within the community. I always think about how I can make someone else better or lift their spirits to see the brighter side. I always push myself a little further when I reach a certain checkpoint in life. So, when I am done with my instructor tour I would like to cross-train into Equal Opportunity and continue striving to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources.”


“My saying I always tell my students ‘if something is not being done ethically, fair, or effectively, be the change and change the game,’ she said.


Supervisor comments:


“Staff Sergeant Pittman is currently our most qualified and impactful instructor on the Airman Leadership School staff,” said Master Sgt. Donald Foster, ALS commandant. “She has been instructing for two years and continually trains and inspires future leaders and supervisors. She has also been instrumental in the training and qualifying of two new staff members in a significantly short time period due to unexpected high turnover. She imparts leadership curriculum covering 172 hours of instruction per class and tackles seven classes a year; affecting Airman across our Air Force including active duty, guard, and reserve students.


“Additionally, she is the heart beat of the work center; with her high level of charisma and volunteer spirit she actively participates in numerous events throughout the year ranging from community cancer 5K runs, overhauling theaters in the local community, and more,” Foster continued. “Furthermore, she is active in the unit, leading from the front as the booster club vice president hosting various events and fund raisers. She also leads a few Professional Development seminars throughout the year for squadron, group and wing personnel. Words can’t speak enough to describe how much value Staff Sergeant Pittman brings to our school, the unit, and the Air Force.”