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Texas State Guard to train at Sheppard

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  • 4th Air Wing, Texas State Guard

The 4th Air Wing of the Texas State Guard is scheduled to arrive at Sheppard for their annual training beginning June 8.

“Our state guard airmen are your teachers, doctors, firefighters and neighbors,” said Col. Carl Alvarez, 4th Air Wing commander. “They bring to the guard their dedication to serve their community and state. We are proud to be training at Sheppard to let the base community see that dedication of service and the capabilities of the 4th Air Wing.”

The 4th Air Wing’s advance team arrives June 8 to begin setup at the south parking lot of the base clinic. Due to the exercise, the south parking lot will be closed through June 12.

“The State Guard provides mission-ready forces to assist state and local authorities in times of natural disaster or man-made emergencies, and augments the Air National Guard and Army National Guard as needed,” said Lt. Col. Todd Hulsey, 4th Air Wing vice commander.

Alvarez states that while at Sheppard, the 4th Air Wing will be exercising skills in four areas: web enabled operation center for support of emergency operation centers, emergency tracking network, American Red Cross shelter operations and security presence.

“The Texas State Guard may be the best-kept secret in the Lone Star State,” said Chief Master Sgt. Brian Bender, 4th Air Wing senior enlisted advisor. “We’ve been around since 1823 when Stephen F. Austin first formed the unit to protect early settlers—making our guard the oldest standing military force in Texas.”

The Texas State Guard is one of the three branches of Texas Military Forces, along with the Texas Air National Guard and the Texas Army National Guard, and falls under the command of the Governor of Texas, administered by the Texas Adjutant General.

The Motto of the Texas State Guard is: “Texans Serving Texans.”