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MISSION: Provide Air Force social media guidance to encourage innovative programs; engage and inform a worldwide audience with emerging technologies.

VISION: Be the premier Department of Defense social media presence and inspire support for the Air Force among online communities.  

Generalized Public Affairs social media references

The following Department of Defense and Air Force publications contain information to consider when using social media. DoD Web policies are viewable at, and Air Force instructions are accessible at

DODI 8550.01, DOD Internet Services and Internet-Based Capabilities: Covers applicability, definitions, policy, responsibilities and releasability regarding Internet-based capabilities.

AFI 35-101, Public Affairs Mission: Covers the overall Public Affairs mission and how to correctly implement it.
AFI 35-107, Public Web Communications: Addresses the Public Web Program and social media.
AFI 35-113, Internal Information: Section 15 covers social media.
AFI 33-129, Web Management and internet use: Details proper and improper uses of Internet-based capabilities.

Social Media

Social Media