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  • AMOC prepares maintenance officers for the flightline

    Every Air Force aircraft maintenance officer comes to Sheppard AFB to complete their three-month training, where they learn maintenance fundamentals. Avionics, weapons, propulsion and logistics are just a few examples of what the course covers.

  • 4 General Officers, 1 AMOC class

    For the 25 lieutenants and captains who made up a 1992 Aircraft Maintenance Officer Course class, earning the rank of general officer wasn’t the first thing on their minds. For most, it wasn’t on their mind at all. Twenty-six years later, four of the 25 officers now don stars on their collars.

  • Savage earns AMOC ACE award

    First Lt. Adrian Savage achieves perfect scores on all blocks of instruction during aircraft maintenance officer's course at Sheppard Air Force Base.

  • Polish exchange officer ACEs AMOC

    Completing the 14 week Aircraft Maintenance Officer Course at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, is no easy feat. During the most recent iteration of the course, one student went above and beyond expectations.Capt. Adam Rosiakowski received the ACE award, September 29, 2017, during a graduation