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  • EOD Preliminary Course Challenges Students Physically and Mentally

    Master Sgt. Kyle Chandler and his staff of trainers and coaches will spend the next few weeks pushing the students to their physical, mental, and emotional limits before they move on to the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal course at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

  • Process underway to modernize power production CDCs

    The Air Force stays ahead by always seeking to improve, upgrade or innovate the way we do things. Stagnation is the killer of excellence and members from the 366th Training Squadron’s electrical power production apprentice course are working on a new innovation to modernize training.

  • Sheppard in Photos

    This week's Sheppard in Photos features fuels and water system maintenance course apprentices at the 366th Training Squadron and Airmen participating in Sheppard's Reveille Run, a 5k event that was part of the base's Armed Force's Day Celebration June 1.

  • Powering our force

    Thirty feet above the ground, under the scorching North Texas sun, the 366th Training Squadron electrical systems apprentice course prepares Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors to help power our world.