Vision 2020 News

Welcome to Vision 2020

To transform something is to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance or character of something. It’s an action. It’s specific. It’s focused.

In 2020, the 82nd Training Wing will begin a journey to transform the future of Air Force Maintenance and Logistics Training. The recent past has led to experimentation with new teaching methods, technologies and processes through innovative classroom initiatives; augmented, virtual and mixed reality; a forward-thinking conversion to competency-based learning in select courses and others.

Because of Sheppard AFB’s position as the largest and most diverse technical training installation in the Air Force – more than 900 initial skills and advanced officer and enlisted courses and 65,000 annual graduates in more than 70 Air Force career fields – it has a unique opportunity to take a huge step in the evolution of technical training in a way that will meet the demands of a 21st century force.

Welcome to Vision 2020!