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  • 2020 to be pivotal year in transformation of maintenance, logistics training

    As the Air Force continues to evolve to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving, Information Age global security environment, the 82nd Training Wing is working to transform maintenance and logistics technical training to deliver the Airmen who will form the heart of that future force.
  • Logistics officer course tests new thesis-style capstone event

    The 363rd Training Squadron's Maintenance Officer Intermediate Course at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, which hosts aircraft maintenance and munitions officers, is upping its game by transforming and experimenting with how experienced logisticians are trained on complex logistics principles as well as how they are tested on their understanding of and ability to articulate those concepts during a capstone event.
  • Faculty Development taking evolutionary steps in the classroom

    The 82nd Training Wing Faculty Development Flight’s Basic Instructor Course in Bldg. 920 is heading down a path, where students are able to collaborate in an evolutionary educational workspace.
  • 82nd TRW faculty development tests avatar-based counseling platform

    The 82nd Training Wing Faculty Development Flight is jumping on board the technology train to teach new technical training instructors an old technique in a tried-and-true, yet innovative way – simulation. Basic Instructor Course students are provided an overview of the technology they are about to experience during the roughly 10-minute counseling simulation scenario, which can range in topics from suicide and depression to purposefully failing and mental aptitude.
  • 365th TRS rides the AF innovation wave

    Air Force leadership has made a call to action for Airmen to get innovative – to get creative, to take risks, to utilize all their skills and be unafraid to fail.

Welcome to Vision 2020

To transform something is to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance or character of something. It’s an action. It’s specific. It’s focused.

In 2020, the 82nd Training Wing will begin a journey to transform the future of Air Force Maintenance and Logistics Training. The recent past has led to experimentation with new teaching methods, technologies and processes through innovative classroom initiatives; augmented, virtual and mixed reality; a forward-thinking conversion to competency-based learning in select courses and others.

Because of Sheppard AFB’s position as the largest and most diverse technical training installation in the Air Force – more than 900 initial skills and advanced officer and enlisted courses and 65,000 annual graduates in more than 70 Air Force career fields – it has a unique opportunity to take a huge step in the evolution of technical training in a way that will meet the demands of a 21st century force.

Welcome to Vision 2020!