Dohertys Receive AETC O'Malley Award


Brig. Gen. Patrick J. and DeeDee Doherty were announced as the winners of the 2017 Air Education and Training Command Gen. and Mrs. Jerome F. O'Malley Award Jan. 30.


"General and Mrs. Doherty demonstrated themselves as a premier Air Force leadership team," wrote AETC Commander Lt. Gen. Darryl L. Roberson in making the announcement.


The O'Malley Award recognizes the wing commander and spouse team whose contributions to the nation, the Air Force, and the local community best exemplify the highest ideals and positive leadership of a military couple serving in a key Air Force position.


"DeeDee and I consider this a total team award, and we're glad the wing has been recognized for its hard work, innovation and excellence in caring forthe mission, and most importantly, caring for its people," Doherty said.


He is particularly proud of the wing’s vital role in bringing the Air Force’s end strength from a historic low of around 311,000 to 317,000, and now toward 321,000 and higher.


“The team dramatically increased throughput over the last year,” Doherty said. “That puts more maintainers and civil engineers in the field and ultimately will increase sortie and readiness rates across the force. It’s a testament to just how important the 82nd is to Air Force combat capability – Sheppard is the heartbeat of Airpower!”


In his announcement, Roberson also noted the effort to bolster the Key Spouse program,with 42 new key spouses recruited during the Dohertys' tenure to help ensure Airmen and families are resilient and mission-ready. He also highlighted 2016's record-setting air show and open house, which drew 64,000 visitors and featured the first-ever science, technology, engineering and math recruiting and diversity event.


"We want to thank everyone in the wing for their ceaseless efforts, crazy talent and constant professionalism," Doherty said. "It's always people first, and the men and women of the 82nd Training Wing are some of the best we've ever had the pleasure of serving with."