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  • 2nd AF commander's vision focuses on Airmen, providing resources to complete mission

    Maj. Gen. Michael Gould's vision as the new 2nd Air Force commander is simple - produce the best expeditionary Airmen possible and give those who train them every resource available. His two-pronged vision focuses on the Airmen-in-training and permanent party members at all Air Education and Training Command bases. "What I want to do is ensure
  • 373rd trains Aussie C-17 mechanics

    Members of the 373rd Training Squadron, Detachment 5, are providing first-of-its-kind training for 24 Royal Australian Air Force mechanics with a custom-made program at their C-17 training facilities here. In March, Brendan Nelson, the Australian Minister for Defence, announced his country's purchase of four C-17s to enhance their global airlift
  • Sheppard sergeant scores 300

    Bowling a perfect game, 12 strikes in a row for a total of 300 points, is a rare event. Most bowlers never see someone bowl a perfect game, let alone do it themselves. Victoria Bartos, a maintenance management production instructor with the 360th Training Squadron, became the 25th person at the South Bowling Lanes to bowl a 300 Oct. 12, and only
  • 366th fuels course to move to Virginia for joint training

    The 366th Training Squadron's Fuels Training Flight is embarking on a mission change that conforms nicely to words and phrases espoused by the Air Staff like "interdependence," "joint warfighting capabilities" and "working as part of the Joint team." How so? Sometime around February, two or three members of the Sheppard fuels training flight will
  • Safety office releases semi-annual mishap report

    The 82nd Training Wing Safety Office has released a semi-annual report on mishaps involving Sheppard personnel. According to the data, there were 29 reportable mishaps including one fatality. The reportable categories include sports and recreation, industrial, four-wheeled personal motor vehicles, two-wheeled personal motor vehicles and
  • 82nd CES environmental flight named best in AETC

    The 82nd Civil Engineer Squadron's Environmental Flight was named best in the command this week when they received the Outstanding Environmental Flight Award. Sheppard was number one out of 13 Air Education and Training Command bases and brought home the award, their first win since 1998. Many of the programs the environmental flight manages have
  • Fiscal freedom: Airmen and Family Readiness Center offers finance education

    It's startling the number of young men and women who join the Air Force and are charged with caring for and maintaining millions of dollars of assets, yet they can't balance a checkbook. Michelle Schroeder and Charles Ringwood, community readiness consultants with the Airman and Family Readiness Center, said the bulk of their business comes from

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