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AF selects nearly 290 Sheppard Airmen for promotion to technical sergeant

Air Force promotion release; 8,416 Airmen selected in 18E6 technical sergeant cycle

Congratulations to the 8,416 Airmen selected for technical sergeant in the 18E6 promotion cycle! The list is available on the Enlisted Promotions page of Air Force’s Personnel Center public website, myPers and the Air Force Portal. Airmen can access their score notices on the virtual Military Personnel Flight via the secure applications page. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Staff Sgt. Alexx Pons)

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – More than 280 staff sergeants assigned to Sheppard AFB were selected by the Air Force for promotion to technical sergeant.

According to Air Force Personnel Center, 27,555 staff sergeants throughout the service were eligible for promotion, and 8,416 were selected for a rate of 30.54 percent. Those selected will begin promoting Aug. 1, 2018, in order of their promotion sequence number.

Of the 8,416 selected, 19.4 percent had Promote Now recommendations, 26.1 percent had Must Promote recommendations and 54.3 percent had Promote recommendations.

Selectees’ average time in grade was 4.33 years and time in service was 9.33 years. The average selectee overall score was 361.24, based on point averages of 211.03 for enlisted performance reports, 5.12 for decorations, 74.95 for the promotion fitness examination and 67.57 for the specialty knowledge test.

Sheppard Airmen selected for promotion include: Staff Sgts. Daryl Ackerman, 363rd Training Squadron; Christian Acosta, 366th TRS; David Allen, 372nd TRS; Michael Alstrin, en route from Luke AFB, Arizona; Justin Alvarez, 372nd TRS; Briana Anderson, 82nd Training Wing; Nicholas Anderson, en route from Dover AFB, Delaware; Paris Anderson, en route from Hurlburt Field, Florida; Alyxandra Anguiano, 363rd TRS; Zayed Antonio, 363rd TRS; Joseph Archer, 365th TRS; Charles Arnold, 372nd TRS; Corrin Baker, 372nd TRS; and Jason Baldwin, 372nd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Timothy Ball, 372nd TRS; Joel Banks, 372nd TRS; John Barr IV, en route from MacDill AFB, Florida; Khalil Bashir, 367th Training Support Squadron; Samuel Baudin, 361st TRS; Joseph Bean, enroute from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina; Aaron Beaulieu, 367th TRSS; Bryan Beckwith, enroute from Dover AFB; Matthew Bell, 366th TRS; Matthew Bentley, 359th TRS, Eglin AFB, Florida; Joshua Berard, 372nd TRS; Ryan Bertsch, 364th TRS; Christopher Berube, en route from Minot AFB, North Dakota; Jesse Beschta, 364th TRS; and Richard Blue, 365th TRS.

Staff Sgts. Aaron Booth, 372nd TRS; Robert Bowman, 82nd Security Forces Squadron; Gene Bradbury, en route from McConnell AFB, Kansas; Joshua Branham, 372nd TRS; Jonathan Bridges, 362nd TRS; Jacob Briggs, 372nd TRS; Shawn Briggs, 366th TRS; Ryan Brooks, 82nd Logistics Readiness Squadron; Mitchell Brott, 372nd TRS; Jacob Brown, 363rd TRS; Danielle Brunson, 359th TRS; Dillon Bunch, 365th TRS; Kyle Busby, 373rd TRS; John Caldwell, 372nd TRS; Michell Caporuscio, 372nd TRS; Nicholas Carlson, 372nd TRS; and Toren Carter, 373rd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Gerald Castillo, 80th Operations Support Squadron; Bailey Cavanagh, 367th TRSS; Jovelle Chaison, 373rd TRS; Michelle Chamberlain, en route from Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona; Steven Chamberlain, 372nd TRS; Fiona Cho, 373rd TRS; Blayne Chreene, en route from Holloman AFB, New Mexico; Dylan Churby, en route from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina; Jason Clinch, 373rd TRS; Ross Cline, 372nd TRS; Jeynalynn Collins, 372nd TRS; Sean Conlan, en route from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina; Christie Cooper, 361st TRS; Deon Cooper, 365th TRS; and Dennis Corcoran, 372nd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Tristan Crandall, 366th TRS; Alexander Creznic, en route from Shaw AFB, South Carolina; Stephen Crookston, 364th TRS; Zachary Cruell, 373rd TRS; Jonathan Cummings, 373rd TRS; Gary Dale, 373rd TRS; Casey Darnell, en route from Lakenheath Royal Air Force, England; Carlos David, 372nd TRS; Caleb Davidson, 373rd TRS; Randall Davis, en route from Mildenhall RAF, England; Joshua Davlin, 372nd TRS; Allison De Jesus, 82nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron; Martin DeLavara, 372nd TRS; and Carlos Diaz, 363rd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Joseph Diaz, 365th TRS; Leslie Diebler, 373rd TRS; Scott Diewald, 372nd TRS; Joshua Domingo, 372nd TRS; Nicholas Dupras, 373rd TRS; Guin Duprey, 363rd TRS; Leland Eberle, 363rd TRS; Richard Eccleston, 372nd TRS; David Eckert, 372nd TRS; Christopher Edwards, 372nd TRS; Dawn Edwards, 82nd AMDS; Patrick Eisenhard, 362nd TRS; Sean Evans, 373rd TRS; Christopher Farris, 365th TRS; Joshua Finley, 364th TRS; Tyler Fisher, 372nd TRS; Jamie Flanell, 365th TRS; Stephen Forbin, 372nd TRS; and Robert Foster, 362nd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Radolfo Garcia, 365th TRS; Logan Garey, 372nd TRS; Zackary Garner, 373rd TRS; William Gleim, 367th TRSS; Jessica Gluth, 364th TRS; Tanner Goatley, en route from Luke AFB, Arizona; Bronson Gomes, 372nd TRS; Joshua Gonzales, 373rd TRS; Brooke Gordon, en route from Goodfellow AFB, Texas; Angel Goya, 366th TRS; Jessica Graham, 372nd TRS; Joshua Green, 363rd TRS; Ceejay Grix, 372nd TRS; Travis Guion, 373rd TRS; Austin Hamilton, 362nd TRS; Corey Hamilton, 372nd TRS; Tony Hancock, 361st TRS; Lauren Handshy, 361st TRS; Melvin Hartley, 366th TRS; and James Hayes, 372nd TRS.

Staff Sgt. Anthony Hazel, 366th TRS; Oren Hemphill, en route from Lakentheath RAF, England; Adam Hennek, en route from Holloman AFB, New Mexico; Tyler Henry, 373rd TRS; Nathaniel Hermanson, en route from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina; Luis Hernandez, 373rd TRS; Charles Herrero, 373rd TRS; Xavier Hickson, 373rd TRS; Deontae Higdon, 365th TRS; Marisa Hines, 363rd TRS; Patrick Holt, 362nd TRS; Adam Horstman, 373rd TRS; Tiffany Hughes, 362nd TRS; Octaevia Hutcherson, 82nd AMDS; Kyle Ingram, 362nd TRS; and Aaron Jagow, 373rd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Joseph Japp, 373rd TRS; Taijah Jenkins, en route from Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona; Stephen Jervis, 363rd TRS; Adam Johnson, en route from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey; David Johnson, 82nd TRW; Lenford Johnston, 362nd TRS; Audrey Jones, 361st TRS; Duque Jovel, 361st TRS; Jared Keeler, 373rd TRS; Robert Keller, 362nd TRS; Andrew Kemp, 372nd TRS; Steven Kemp, 373rd TRS; Christopher Kirchner, 372nd TRS; Cody Kirkpatrick, 365th TRS; James Kliever, 373rd TRS; and Casey Kubik, en route from Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona.

Staff Sgts. Joshua Lail, 365th TRS; Justin Laing, 373rd TRS; Anthony Landin, 364th TRS; Stephen Lanham, 373rd TRS; Jackson Lanier, 373rd TRS; Brandon Larson, 80th OSS; Shillay Lawson, 82nd Force Support Squadron; Shawn Lawson, 361st TRS; Jeffrey Leavitt, 372nd TRS; Joshua Lee, 372nd TRS; James Levine, 372nd TRS; Tyler Lewis, 373rd TRS; Ryan Lineback, 372nd TRS; Frederick Link, 372nd TRS; Clifton Lovar, 362nd TRS; Jason Ludlum, en route from Luke AFB, Arizona; Kevin Ludwig, 361st TRS; Richard Mahaney, 82nd FSS; and Angel Maldonado, 372nd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Andre Martinez, 373rd TRS; Sergio Mata, 373rd TRS; Nestor Matos Rodriguez, 372nd TRS; Robert Matthews, 362nd TRS; Joshua McCalister, 365th TRS; Iain McElrath, en route from Hill AFB, Utah; Jeremy McKague, 359th TRS; Jonathan McKelvey, 365th TRS; Andrew McKinney, 373rd TRS; Samuel McMichael, 372nd TRS; Jonathan McWilliams, 361st TRS; Christian Meansreinecke, 366th TRS; Shawn Medeiros, 364th TRS; Matthew Meints, 372nd TRS; and Evan Melbourne, en route from Dover AFB, Delaware.

Staff Sgts. Christopher Melchor, 372nd TRS; Leland Mellow, 366th TRS; Cavin Meneses, 80th OSS; Jennifer Meyers, 372nd TRS; Leigh Miller, 373rd TRS; Jessica Moch, 459th Flying Training Squadron; Tyler Moore, 362nd TRS; Andy Morgan, 82nd TRW; Joel Morris, 373rd TRS; Michael Morse, 373rd TRS; Jamal Moss, 373rd TRS; Nathan Nachatilo, 373rd TRS; Ricardo Natal, en route from Eglin AFB, Florida; Kyle Nizzio, 373rd TRS; Michael Olson, 359th TRS; Tyler Olszewski, 373rd TRS; Damon Orlando, 362nd TRS; Allen Orr, 365th TRS; Darrell Osborne, en route from Travis AFB, California; and Austin Overbey, 364th TRS.

Staff Sgts. Trenton Page, 373rd TRS; Jenna Palacios, 364th TRS; Luis Pantoja Calderon, 373rd TRS; Wioland Pantoja Slavin, 363rd TRS; Andrew Peppin, 363rd TRS; Brad Petrulak, 373rd TRS; Jacob Pope, 361st TRS; Kaili Price, 362nd TRS; Matthew Priest, 373rd TRS; Richard Prillerman, 361st TRS; Carlton Mangrum, 361st TRS; Mitchell Mann, 373rd TRS; Kyle Marcik, 373rd TRS; Rheanne Marlow, 363rd TRS; Andrew Purshock, 362nd TRS; Yaoska Quintana, 364th TRS; Tyler Ramsey, 363rd TRS; Jackson Reeves, 373rd TRS; and Sarah Ritz, 364th TRS.

Staff Sgts. William Robbins, 373rd TRS; Nathanael Robinson, 365th TRS; Matthew Roemer, 365th TRS; Philip Rogers, 363rd TRS; Joshua Rule, 372nd TRS; Christopher Salzsieder, 82nd AMDS; Joshua Sanders, 372nd TRS; Kevin Sanders, 372nd TRS; Jeremy Sangiacomo, 372nd TRS; Nieves Santana, 362nd TRS; Thomas Schill, 361st TRS; Jazz Schools, 372nd TRS; Matthew Schouten, 372nd TRS; Jordan Scott, 373rd TRS; Cordero Segarra, 373rd TRS; Joshua Seowtewa, 372nd TRS; and Jorge Sharp, en route from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.

Staff Sgts. Christopher Shaw, 366th TRS; Todd Shedlock, 372nd TRS; Jonathan Shportun, 372nd TRS; Randy Slaba, 82nd FSS; Jared Smelley, 372nd TRS; Elliot Snyder, 372nd TRS; Arce Soto, 372nd TRS; Jamileth Spinner, 362nd TRS; Justin Spycher, 364th TRS; Christopher Starr, en route from Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona; Chad Stock, 373rd TRS; Anthony Springer, 373rd TRS; Benjamin Taitano, 361st TRS; Alex Taylor, 373rd TRS; and Riley Teston, 366th TRS.

Staff Sgts. Thai Thach, 363rd TRS; Logan Thompson, 361st TRS; Matthew Thompson, 365th TRS; Heather Tolle, 82nd AMDS; Kyle Toolen, 372nd TRS; Joel Torres, en route from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska; William Threntham, 373rd TRS; Jarvis Underwood, 373rd TRS; Cedric Valdez, 372nd TRS; Robert Vandezande, 372nd TRS; James Vargas, 372nd TRS; Kyle Vaughn, 361st TRS; Julio Vega, 373rd TRS; Aristotle Velasquez, 372nd TRS; Daniel Walling, en route from Nellis AFB, Nevada; Robert Wallis, 373rd TRS; and Joshua Ward, 372nd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Kiefer Watson, en route from Minot AFB, North Dakota; Heather West, 366th TRS; Morgan Whalen, 373rd TRS; Randi White, 362nd TRS; Tyler White, 362nd TRS; Clifton Whitworth, en route from Joint Base Dix-Lakehurst-McGuire, New Jersey; Thomas Wikoff, 373rd TRS; Ashley Williams, 372nd TRS; Cody Williams, 365th TRS; Aaron Winkel, 372nd TRS; Charles Winter, en route from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina; Emil Wodicka, 372nd TRS; Robert Wood, 373rd TRS; Cole Woods, 373rd TRS; and Ryan Woods, 373rd TRS.

Staff Sgts. Justin Wycoff, 364th TRS; Nqoua Yang, 82nd SFS; Robert C. Young, 373rd TRS; Robert M. Young, 372nd TRS; and Ezzidin Zafar, 365th TRS.