Resilience is a unique process

  • Published
  • By Maj. Valerie Castle
  • 82nd Medical Group
Developing resilient Airmen is a process that is unique to each Airman because no two struggles or successes are the same.

Resilience is the ability to withstand, recover and even grow in the face of stressors and changing demands. A thriving and resilient Air Force community will be ready to meet any challenge.

The mission of Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) is to build and sustain a thriving and resilient Air Force community that fosters four domains: mental, physical, social, and spiritual fitness.

The CAF training is broken down by each of these four pillars.

Mental resilience is the ability to effectively cope with unique mental stressors and challenges. Skills will be taught to enhance decision making and positive thinking. The goal of mental resilience is to help participants become more aware of their thoughts and improve adaptability in stressful situations.

Physical resilience is the ability to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors needed to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Although physical endurance and strength are emphasized, the overall target is proper nutrition and rest needed to achieve optimal health.

Social resilience is the ability to engage in healthy social networks that promote overall well-being and optimal performance. Resilience skill building focuses on development of communication techniques which lead to improved relationships at home and work. Improving interpersonal connections and social support enhances our ability to overcome adverse situations, these skills emphasis the value teamwork to reach personal and professional goals.

Spiritual resilience is the ability to strengthen beliefs, principles or values that sustain an individual's sense of well-being and purpose. Defining core values and acknowledging their impact on goals provides perspective and purpose to our actions. Spiritual resiliency can help us persevere through difficult situations.

Strengthening each pillar will aid in the development of resilient Airmen and help them to meet and overcome each challenge.

There are several resources, many free, that are available to help become a more resilient Airman or Wingman. For more information, visit the Sheppard homepage (