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  • Sheppard honors POW/MIA with parade

    For more photos visit our Flickr page.
  • Five Sheppard Firefighters to compete in worldwide fire challenge

    A Sheppard five-man firefighter team earned their place at the worldwide Firefighter Combat Challenge in a regional competition Aug. 12-13, 2016.
  • Family remains resilient throughout 20 years in the military

    The Quevy family was learning to be resilient long before it was considered a buzz word in the U.S. Air Force. Like a rubber band, resilience is being able to bounce back when life stretches an individual beyond their comfort zone. And like most situations, people do not understand their ability to bounce back until they are faced with a scenario expanding the normal threshold.
  • Chaplain Corps hosts Super Bowl party

    Chaplains not only offer religious support services, but they also help Airmen build professional relationships, establish healthy coping mechanisms and cultivate a force with strong values. This year, the Sheppard Chapel staff hosted a Super Bowl party to do just that.

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