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  • Recycling program set to get underway in housing areas

    The long awaited recycling program is finally here, just in time for recycling week. The City of Wichita Falls is in the process of distributing organic recycling carts to each home within Wherry, Bunker Hill and Capehart housing areas. These containers are for organic recyclables only, such as grass, leaves, twigs, paper and cardboard. The carts
  • SFS members coined for ‘above and beyond’ activities

    It's always a good thing when the boss personally recognizes individuals for accomplishments, much like 82nd Training Wing Commander Brig. Gen. Richard Devereaux did April 9 at the 82nd Security Forces Squadron. Although he recently congratulated the security forces team on winning the Air Force-level Best Small Security Forces Unit, he also took
  • Buying outside the box

    Catalogs, product and samples galore were available with rows and rows of vendors proudly displaying their wares. The vendors waited patiently to provide demonstrations, explanations and assistance, and the customers were ready to receive. This year's 10th Annual 2007 Government Purchase Card Vendor Day, hosted by the 82nd Contracting Squadron and
  • Vietnam ace talks about AF experience

    With the mission under way, a young pilot and weapons system officer begin taxiing out when suddenly an emergency strikes. Their brakes somehow become locked up, and it takes full power to even inch to the side. All around the handicapped F-4 Phantom, people grow nervous. The aircraft is just one of nearly 60 leaving for an offensive in North
  • Airman's Roll Call highlights new Professional Development Guide

    This week's Airman's Roll Call highlights the Professional Development Guide, which is a new resource of information for all Airmen. The new guide, which combines the Promotion Fitness Examination and the United States Supervisory Examination study guides, is designed as a one-resource tool for Airmen when studying for promotion. It also doubles as
  • Cutting to the chase: Lawnmowers can cut into spring spruce ups

    About 230,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year for injuries relating to various lawn and garden tools, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported. Each year, about 75 people are killed and about 20,000 are injured on or near riding lawnmowers and garden tractors. One out of every five deaths involves a child. CPSC
  • Sheppard recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month with public speaker briefing

    A chief master sergeant who has no idea how to help his wife - a rape victim who refuses counseling and is consumed with anger. A sergeant who knows his victimized subordinate purges her pain by cutting herself, and he's afraid he'll discover her dead one day. An Airman whose friend confided in him that she was raped, and though he doesn't want to
  • New Capehart gate nears completion

    Several Capehart residents expressed their concern March 7 during a town hall meeting about the decision to remove the gate guard at the entrance to their housing area.. Less than a month later, the response to those concerns is near completion. GMH Military Housing, the base housing privatization contractor, has erected steel fencing around the
  • A-76 process making progress

    A milestone was hit in the A-76 cost comparison study when a draft Performance Work Statement was posted March 30 to the Federal Business Opportunities Website. Col. Marti Rossi, the lead for Sheppard's A-76 process, said the posted information is important in the process because it allows contractors and the civil service team called the Most

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