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  • "A" special trainer

    If someone looked out onto the Sheppard flight line, they would see two types of aircraft; the blue-and-white T-37 Tweet and the sleek, multi-colored T-38 Talon. To the untrained eye, that is all you see. For the men and women of the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training community, they see more. A closer look would enable someone to see that there
  • Luchsinger performs at annual Women's History Prayer Breakfast

    Susie Luchsinger was just a 6-year-old girl living in a dusty, Southeastern Oklahoma ranching town when she was inspired by the most profound woman she had ever met. Years later, she still draws from the memories of Grandma Smith's freshly-baked blueberry pies, cathead biscuits and the scum - or skim, according to her mother, Jackie - on top of
  • 82nd CES slips past Delta 264th, 52-50

    The 82nd Civil Engineering Squadron and the Delta Company, 264th Medical Battalion faced off in one of the closest games of the season at the intramural basketball championships March 5. The teams were neck-and-neck for the majority of the match up, but the 82nd CES edged past the Delta 264th, to win their third intramural basketball championship
  • Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program underway at Sheppard

    The Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program, or AVIP, mandating Airmen assigned to high-threat areas receive the anthrax vaccine is underway at Sheppard. The Department of Defense issued a new policy memo Oct. 12 requiring the DoD begin mandatory anthrax vaccinations for individuals in selected high-threat areas or special mission units while also
  • AM Thornton visits Sheppard, learns about tech training

    A British officer stood inside Barnes Hall, witnessing first hand how the 82nd Training Wing turns basic military training graduates into world-class mission-ready Airmen. "Do you wear the blue hats they wear at BMT?" asked the visitor to Barnes Hall about military training leaders. "No sir," responded Senior Master Sgt. Terry Neuharth,
  • Seabees let their hair down at anniversary ball

    In a hotel ballroom, a bride and groom sent their audience of well-wishers cheering as they suddenly halted their quaint, proper waltzing and began shaking it to Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." About an hour later, across the hall from the Fincher-Pena wedding reception, dozens of twenty-somethings, clad in sailor's dress blues and evening gowns,
  • Airman down!

    "Airman down!" a voice with an urgent tone came across the radio. "All available personnel respond to the scene!" "We need an MTL! We need an MTL!" yelled a number of Airmen-in-Training, frantically searching for the closest military training leader. The urgency of the moment is instinctively understood as the MTL makes his way toward the Airman
  • Federal Voting Assistance Program looking for slogans

    The Voting Slogan Contest is a biennial contest sponsored by the Federal Voting Assistance Program in its efforts to promote interest in the democratic process among citizens covered under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act - members of the uniformed services, the Merchant Marine, their families and all U.S. citizens residing
  • Immunization medic sticks spot on AFA Team of the Year

    The technician assesses the situation before him: a nervous mother and her infant son, the younger of whom will undergo a painful medical procedure under the lone tech's ministrations. With practiced ease, he runs through the standard prep work - pre-screening questions, accessing and reviewing medical records, briefing the mother on possible side

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