• Sports mouth guards available at Sheppard dental clinic

    Did you know that 95 percent of all football concussions are transmitted to the brain through the lower jaw? It's been estimated that during any single season an athlete participating in a contact sport runs about a 10 percent chance of experiencing some sort of orofacial injury. According to www.sportsguard.com, this totals to more than 5 million
  • Sports drinks can cause tooth decay

    Have you ever wondered how beneficial sports drinks are? Sports drinks have high sugar content and acid levels that contribute to tooth decay. In the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Dr. Alex Milosevic of the University of Liverpool, England, reported the case of a 23-year-old cross-country and marathon runner whose upper teeth had eroded from
  • Eating disorders: Get Help

    The New Year motivates many to establish personal goals regarding their overall physical and psychological health. However, for those who suffer with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder, the New Year may be a trigger that challenges the nature of these complicated illnesses. Eating disorders are
  • Know the signs of Heart Disease

    The United States has observed American Heart Month in February since 1963 when Congress asked the president for this special recognition. February 2010 is here, and unfortunately, women are still dying of heart attacks.The most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control in 2005 show that heart disease was the cause of death in 454,000
  • Keep Children’s Smiles Healthy

    The way children care for their bodies today will have an impact throughout their life. Preventive dental care and public fluoridation have combined to dramatically improve the oral health of American children. It's now possible for many children to reach adulthood without ever experiencing tooth decay. February is National Children's Dental Health
  • The time has come to roll up our sleeves

    Brig. Gen. O.G. Mannon, 82nd Training Wing commander, signed a new Wing Continuous Process Improvement program policy letter Feb. 4 which outlines a fresh approach to the way we look at our Air Force Smart Operations for the 21 Century program here at Sheppard. In his letter, the general asks for "every employee's commitment and participation" as
  • SARC's Remarks

    Greetings! Hope your Valentine's Day was terrific and you got something wonderful from your special someone. In keeping with the idea of love in the air, I hope you "took to heart" my question of your definition of consent? I promised you an answer and it won't be technical. Consent is simply this:"Consent means two people deciding together to do
  • General Mannon thanks wing for UCI efforts

    I want to start off by saying thank you for all the hard work you all have put in over the past year. It's been a long 15 months, and a lot of you have put in long days and nights and weekends to get us where we are. So thank you for that.If you know me, you know I bleed blue--I love the Air Force and it's my honor to serve. Like many of you, I
  • Making life or death choices

    We make choices every day, some don't require much thought while others take time and analysis. But some of the most important decisions, or choices, that could be the difference between life and death are often ignored. Especially when it comes to the big four - seatbelts, excessive speed for conditions, distracted driving and alcohol. We are
  • Leadership Challenge: Don’t Be Afraid of the Art of Delegation

    It's a dilemma we all face. Do you complete a task yourself, or delegate it to someone else? You may know how to do the job, but should you always accomplish it? Delegation requires having confidence in someone's ability to complete the task at hand. Conversely, hoarding knowledge and opportunities stifles one's growth as technicians, managers and