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  • Airmen train to repair aircraft nervous system

    Much like the human body, aircraft in the Air Force's inventory have a "nervous system" that provides an electrical network that puts the aircraft in motion. Those responsible for making sure the nervous system of an aircraft are maintained are avionics specialists trained at the 365th Training Squadron. In short, without avionics personnel, Air
  • AFSO21 contributes to faster overseas processing

    Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century is more than just a rehash of total quality management, or previous quality initiatives within the Air Force. AFSO21 is not merely a program or a tool. Rather, a culture and an environment where everyone has a stake (and a voice) in promoting improvement, eliminating waste and redundancy, maximizing
  • Honoring the flag

    Every day, the people of Sheppard have a chance to honor the flag and those who have given their lives to defend it. Reveille, Retreat and Taps are played each duty day on military installations to signify different phases of the day. It is imperative for the Department of Defense servicemembers and employees to render the proper courtesies at the
  • Sheppard nurse trains, changes culture with peers in Afghanistan

    Some things are taken for granted in American hospitals, emergency rooms, operating rooms and clinics such as sterile equipment, well-trained staff and support. Very seldom do medical facilities in the United States run out of basic supplies like IV tubing and alcohol wipes- common, but essential tools in the medical community. Lt. Col. Susan
  • Training manager flexes muscles, nears professional bodybuilding

    Start with a huge adrenaline rush. Then mix in some nervousness. Finally, after everything is done and the competition is over, there is the feeling of accomplishment. Another bodybuilding competition is done and Staff Sgt. Jason D. Williams, 382nd Training Squadron training manager, made it through another cycle of tough training and a strict diet
  • Tool kit finds home at structural apprentice school

    Retired Maj. Wayne Kuschel paid $46 for an old carpenter's tool kit some 60 years ago, a reminder to him of a friend who was killed in a 1947 crash of an XC-97 Stratofreighter. Now, Airmen who walk the halls of the 366th Training Squadron Det. 6's Air force Structural Apprentice course at Naval Construction Training Center, Gulfport, Miss., will
  • Student pilot sees dream come to life

    Brittany Oligney knew what was in her future from the moment she pulled back on the flight controls of her uncle's float plane and it lifted off of an Alaskan lake when she was in the 7th grade. Ten years later, 2nd Lt. Brittany Oligney is fully engulfed in her future, training at the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program. She began
  • Veteran of three wars remembers those he served with

    Memorial Day is hard for Bill Peel. It always is. The memories of those he served with in World War II, Korea and Vietnam flooded back with each tear that welled up in his eyes. The retired Air Force lieutenant colonel recalls his fallen comrades from each pivotal war, and those with which he marched across the frozen land of Germany in early 1945
  • Colombian native, Airman becomes U.S citizen

    In April 1997, at the tender age of 10, Maria M. Mena-Caicedo tragically lost her mother after she was shot at their family owned restaurant in Colombia. That tragic event led her to come to the United States, and through many hardships, she was able to overcome and reach her goal of becoming a citizen. She was naturalized Feb. 29 and changed her
  • Circle of life: Father, son reconnect at Sheppard, graduate on same day

    Brett and Tyler Pier agreed they lost opportunities in earlier years to connect like a father and son should. Missed high school football games, dances and just spending time together are a few of the moments that lacked one or the other because of deployments, divorce and other commitments. But, it's funny how life comes about full circle. Master