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  • General Looney visits Sheppard one final time

    A black and white "hero shot" showed a young, confident pilot some years ago, ready to take the tiger by the tail and begin a 35-year voyage that would take him to the top seat of the Air Force's first command. Gen. William R. Looney III, commander of Air Education and Training Command, recognized the pilot immediately - it was him, minus the
  • International and local Civil Air Patrol cadets visit Sheppard

    For the past three years, cadets from the International Civil Air Patrol Cadet Exchange Program come to Sheppard to learn the importance of the different types of training. The cadets are from 22 different countries and stay in the United States for two weeks. In return U.S. Civil Air Patrol cadets tour those same foreign countries for two weeks.
  • Instructor fuels Iraqi's thirst for knowledge

    Tech. Sgt. Randy Davidson stood in a lab like he has done hundreds, if not thousands of times, testing the quality of a fuel product. It's his job. The quality of fuel used could mean the difference between an aircraft sitting on the tarmac or soaring in the sky. But this latest lab sample wasn't to determine whether or not the current supply of
  • One man’s effort to keep Air Force heritage alive

    It's a hot and humid July day at Sheppard. The occasional sound of a T-38 can be heard overhead. While on the ground, Airmen-in-Training march to their classes and everything goes on as normal. One man makes his way to the Sheppard Club with his suitcase filled books, papers, pictures and other historical artifacts from a well-lived life, full of
  • Cadet takes OAF lessons on diversity home to Colombia

    The U.S. Air Force Academy sponsors the training of cadets from allied Air Forces around the world in an effort to build international relationships. In the most recent wave of Academy cadets to serve internships at Sheppard for Operation Air Force, one such sponsored cadet was a member of the Colombian Air Force. Cadet Angelica Plazas, a native of
  • Chaplains offer spiritual healing, practical counseling

    The urge to talk to someone - to trade ideas, ask for advice, or just vent - can make itself known in anyone. Unfortunately, sometimes on a military installation miles can separate one from familiar faces. Or maybe family and friends are within arm's reach, but the situation requires the unbiased ear of a neutral party. And sometimes, what the
  • OSI: an unclassified look

    Special agents walk among us, trained to track down criminals, perform counterintelligence operations, and seek out threats of terrorism to the world. No, they're not part of a secret spy organization. They are agents of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. These agents are highly trained and dedicated individuals tasked with the defense
  • Top 3 looks to expand active membership

    From barbecue luncheons to mess-dress banquets, from mentoring young Airmen to welcoming young sergeants into the fold, many functions taking place across Sheppard are in some way touched by the Top 3. This organization, made up of senior NCOs across the base, organizes a variety of programs and events. More than anything, Top 3 efforts are geared
  • Flying in the dark

    It's after sunset and while some people are relaxing in front of the TV or sitting down to dinner, that's not the case for the student pilots at the Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training program. When everyone else is getting home from work, students, instructor pilots and aircraft maintainers are just getting started. Their mission: night-flying.
  • Hunting for a new hobby

    She walked across the cemetery and through to the park. No luck. She proceeded past the park, discovering a second cemetery. Gingerly examining her surroundings, she approached a bush. At last the hunt was over, and Staff Sgt. Deborah Brumback was victorious. This trip was one of many searches Sergeant Brumback conducted as a fun pastime known as