• Training program has only begun to fly

    Incredible! It's hard to believe that the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training program celebrates its Silver Anniversary this year. Don't misinterpret my amazement as surprise that the program has lasted for 25 years. Rather, I am astounded at how time flies when riding on the wings of success. Graduating in Class 84-08, I can still remember my
  • Cooking up hazards

    The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family and friends and to give thanks for our good fortune. Unfortunately, the holidays are also a time when mishaps can and often do occur. Careless cooking fires are one of the leading causes of household fires in the United States. Three in every 10 reportable home fires start in the kitchen ...
  • Leadership at all levels

    Lead, follow or get out of the way! I think we have all heard this phrase at one time or another in our career. This phrase can be broken down into three distinct actions: one that is deliberate-leading, passive-following, or inaction - on the part of those asked to step aside. I hope to show you by the end of this article that followership is far
  • Let's Count Our Blessings!

    Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon our nation and our families. Just as our ancestors took time to thank their Creator for the liberty and bounty they experienced within their new-found land, so should we. While none of us have trouble-free lives, we certainly each have been
  • Bloom Where You're Planted!

    One of the hot topics of conversation around Team Sheppard is the new Permanent Change of Station (PCS) policy. The policy seeks to save PCS costs by increasing the time between moves for most active duty personnel. On average, most of us will tend to stay about one year longer at each assignment. Many of our Sheppard families are already on
  • Strength in humility

    While growing up on a farm in South Dakota, I never would have agreed the experiences I lived through would impact me later on in life. One such event, I'll never forget. In 1970, I remember helping my father and uncle with bringing in the harvest during the peak of the summer. Even at the young age of 9, I knew a small storm could wipe out our
  • Wearing blue today to honor our veterans

    When most people think of veterans, they think of people who used to wear the uniform. But Veterans Day is about taking time to honor all veterans-those that have served and are currently serving to protect this great country. That's why we are wearing our blue uniform today-to honor our veterans. I am proud and honored to be in the company of so
  • On that day ...an officer's reminder why the National Anthem plays

    It was July 14, 2005, on a hot Tuesday afternoon. I was leaving Bldg. 402 after updating my base vehicle sticker. As I walked toward the double-glass doors leading to the parking lot, I encountered a small group of people standing just inside the door - two Airmen, a civilian employee and one captain. As I reached for the door, the captain said,
  • Codes of ethics define person, organization

    In the world news lately, one can hear and read allegations of unethical conduct by our fellow brothers and sisters in arms. It is a dark cloud that hangs over the great sacrifice and performance of the men and women in our country's armed services. It can be an unnecessary distraction in our ongoing fight against terrorism. But on a smaller stage,
  • Battlefield reminder of soldiers' sacrifices

    I went to Maryland a couple weeks ago to attend a public affairs officer's course following a five-and-a-half month struggle through the online portion. My first Sunday there was to be uneventful other than visiting the local mall. I got in my car and headed out the gate - the one I thought was correct - and began my excursion in the state whose