• Changeover to air conditioning will start as weather gets warmer

    Sheppard is preparing for the transition from heating season to air conditioning season in base facilities. We want to work the transition as closely as possible with facility managers. Air conditioning will be provided when a facility manager calls the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Shop at 676-4277 to request changeover. Due to
  • 82d Medical Group is "Excellent"

    While the rest of Team Sheppard could relax after last September's ORI, the 82d Medical Group had to get busy preparing for two other inspections looming on the horizon. During the week of 5-9 March, the medical group was inspected by the Health Services Inspection (HSI) team and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). HSI
  • Capehart Housing Security

    As of Feb. 6, all three Sheppard family housing areas have been "privatized." As a result, GMH Military Housing is now responsible for management and maintenance of our base housing and has already begun to renovate and/or build new housing units to bring all of our Sheppard homes up to the Department of Defense standard. Part of GMH's management
  • What's your plan?

    As you can imagine, my phone rings a lot, day and night. And when the DSN line rings in my quarters, it's rarely good news. Most Saturday and Sunday mornings it rings about 8 a.m. and the voice at the other end says, "Sir this is SrA/Sgt XXXX at the Command Post and I need to make a notification." There's usually a brief pause (during which time I
  • Thank you JAG, Team Sheppard

    Since Nov. 29, I have truly come to understand the full meaning behind the phrases "Judge Advocate General family" and "Team Sheppard." As many of you know, my family and I experienced a fire that destroyed approximately 60 percent for our home. Thankfully no one was injured. The fire happened five days before our twins' birthday and less than a
  • Don't Break the Trust

    By now, hopefully you've all heard about my three overarching priorities for the 82nd Training Wing and Team Sheppard: 1. Keeping us technically the best at our training mission; 2. Setting fantastic first impressions for our trainees, newcomers and their families; and 3. the three S's - maintaining a safe, secure, supportive environment for our
  • National Child Passenger Safety Week begins Feb. 11

    National Child Passenger Safety Week occurs each year during the week of Valentine's Day, bringing public attention to the importance of safely transporting children. Community, state and national leaders will kick-off the week Feb. 11 with the first-ever National Seat-Check Sunday in an effort to educate parents and to ensure all child safety
  • The high cost of drinking

    Even "smart" cars equipped with state-of-the-art technology can't give you total protection. They depend on you, and others, to drive smart. Drinking and driving is not smart. It could happen to you. One out of every two Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related accident. The major reason? People believe they can drink and drive safely. The
  • Sheppard Lost a Hero

    Ahmed Al Amran, Colonel, Iraqi Air Force. Ever heard of him? Some of you may have. He was TDY to Sheppard during the late summer and fall attending a course for new aircraft maintenance officers called the Aircraft Maintenance Officers Course (AMOC). He graduated in December and happily headed back to his homeland eager to help build the Iraqi Air
  • Feb. 16: A Sheppard Doubleheader

    One of my priorities for Sheppard is that we continue to maintain a "safe, secure and supportive" environment for our people and their families - "the three S's." In the "supportive" area, Feb. 16 is shaping up to be a big day for Team Sheppard that I would encourage you all to participate in. We've got a great "doubleheader" planned for the Feb.