• APIHC helps put Team Sheppard members in touch with their culture

    When you're adopted, learning your history can be a very difficult thing. I found out I was adopted at age 5 and was so proud about the news that I went to kindergarten the next day and told everyone. Having no idea what it meant to be adopted, I was bursting with excitement all the same. It wasn't until I was much older that I learned how truly
  • Why am I wearing ABUs

    Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be having a series of Commander's Calls for 82 TRW personnel. More than likely during those sessions you'll see me sporting our new utility uniform--the Airman's Battle Uniform (ABU) which was recently made available to all Air Force general officers for purchase. Since I'm now wearing the new ABU, you're
  • Money management important from the start

    As a newcomer to Sheppard AFB in 2005, I was required to attend briefings at the First Term Airmen's Center as part of my inprocessing. Quite a bit of good information was provided, but one briefing in particular stood out: money management. The class included topics such as opening checking and savings accounts, mutual funds, Individual Retirement
  • National Women’s Health Week: Osteoporosis - preventing a disease with roots in adolescence

    National Women's Health Week is sponsored by various organizations to raise awareness in women's health issues. All women are encouraged to make good health a priority during this eighth annual observance starting on Mother's Day, 13 May and ending 19 May. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has designated May 14th as National Women's
  • Careful what you say, somebody could be listening

    Whenever you use government communications for your day-to-day business, whether it is e-mail, Web browsing, telephones, radios or even government smart phones, there's always a risk the "bad guys" could be eavesdropping to find out what you're doing. However, our adversaries aren't the only ones who might be listening in. The friendly personnel at
  • Helping combat cyberspace attacks

    On a daily basis, adversaries continuously try to gain unauthorized access to our computer network by bombarding it with malicious e-mail. It sounds like the type of battle that only a communications troop is equipped to fight. However, as a network user, you are just as important because you have the ability to help reduce the threat and secure
  • Powerpoint invites prohibited on DoD e-mail

    E-mail, love it or hate it, is a vital communication tool that sometimes has us wondering how we would be able to survive without it. To ensure the availability of this essential tool, our Sheppard system administrators continuously monitor our servers for irregularities. On almost a daily basis, they witness spikes in reduced server performance
  • We Remember Them

    Earlier this week, CMSgt McLean and I had the opportunity to visit six of our 82 TRW's 60 detachments and operating locations. One of these was Det 3, 366 TRS, 782 TRG at Eglin AFB. This detachment provides joint training for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) career field and graduates over 150 Airmen each year. Det 3 truly embraces the
  • Could It Happen Here?

    I'm sure all of you, like me, were impacted in some way by the senseless violence that took the lives of 31 people on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg VA this week. I've been to Virginia Tech many times, and it's hard for me to imagine that level of violence intruding on such a tranquil setting. We all grieve with those Americans who lost
  • Tips and techniques for safe lifting

    Lifting doesn't have to be a dangerous proposition, even when it's done regularly at work or at home. As long as you know the facts about correct lifting and bending techniques, you can protect your back from unnecessary added stress and possible injury. Everyone puts a lot of stress on their backs every day from the process of bending and