• Safety corner: What's your excuse?

    Most people on Sheppard wear their seat belts. However, there are still some that don't. If you are one that doesn't use your seat belt, I have one question for you: what's your excuse? Do you think seat belts aren't needed on short trips? Ridiculous. Eight out of 10 accidents occur at speeds less than 40 mph and three of every four injury causing
  • Who’s watching you?

    Back when I made chief master sergeant, they would send you to a major command orientation course, or as we jokingly referred to it, "Chief's Charm School." One point that was continually briefed by senior leaders was how once you make chief master sergeant, you live in a fish bowl. You become watched and your actions are more closely scrutinized
  • 82 TRW Strategic Planning Underway

    First off, I need to tell you all that we had a very quiet, safe Memorial Day weekend--everybody made it back safe and sound. Thanks Team Sheppard for heeding the message and getting our 101 Critical Days of Summer Campaign off to a great start! Second, I wanted to give you an update on our 82 TRW strategic planning effort called the "Balanced
  • Don't burn my what?

    So, there I was, sitting through yet another safety briefing at (unnamed) Air Force Base. Listening. Or rather, trying to look like I was listening to what I'm sure this guy thought was an absolutely riveting presentation on boating safety. Or was it charcoal lighting techniques? Hmm, maybe it was just to wear more sunscreen. Can't recall, to be
  • The Last Full Measure of Devotion

    This Memorial Day weekend we will all get a well-deserved three 3 days off--3 days to rest, relax, and share time with family and friends. And although we'll enjoy the fun and time off that comes with the traditional commencement of Summer, that's not what Memorial Day is really all about. Memorial Day is ultimately about paying tribute, paying
  • Knowing your ABCs

    In March of this year, Brig. Gen. Richard Devereaux, Col. Jeffrey Kendall, Chief Master Sgt. Jeannie McLean and I attended the Air Education and Training Command Spring Commanders' Conference. During the conference, we received a briefing from Community College of the Air Force Commander Col. Thomas Klincar on a new program called the
  • Safety Corner: Motorcycle protective equipment

    The new AFI 91-207, US Air Force Traffic Safety Program, has just been released. Several motorcycle PPE requirements have changed and are reflected in the headings below. These requirements apply to all motorcycle operators and passengers while on Sheppard , regardless of their status. Those include: · All Air Force military personnel at any time,
  • Honeywell conducting energy surveys of base facilities

    Honeywell International has been selected to provide a proposal under an Energy Savings Performance Contract. As part of this, engineers from Honeywell are conducting energy surveys of Sheppard facilities during the month of May. The purpose of the surveys is to determine which facilities are possible candidates for energy efficient upgrades as
  • How's Our A-76 Study Going?

    When we announced our A-76 study back on 29 September 2006, I committed to keeping you informed on its progress every step of the way. Let me give you a brief update. First, for base newcomers or those of you who don't remember the study, Sheppard's A-76 Study is an effort to determine the most cost-effective method to perform four particular
  • Strategic Bombing in the History of the USAF

    Among the 52 buildings that comprised Maxwell AFB during the 1930s were eight acres of land dotted with a school, hangars, warehouses, a headquarters, and an operation facility. Some of these buildings date back to World War I when Maxwell Field was known as Air Repair Depot for the Army Air Service. Housed within these buildings was the Air Corps