• Fourth of July should teach us patience

    As we begin this week, I'm sure many of you are looking forward to enjoying some time off mid week as we celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. We're planning to preview that holiday here on the base with a Membership Appreciation Luncheon at the Sheppard Club on Tuesday, followed by the holiday on the 4th and Family Day on the 5th. Activities on
  • 82 TRG Civilian Mentoring Program

    We are looking for a few good people; someone who can share professional experience with others to help them grow and develop. For those interested, come join the 82nd Training Group Civilian Mentoring Program. The program was recognized as an Air Force Best Practice during its first year. As we enter our second year, we wish to share our
  • Answering Your Questions

    Last month I held six Commander's Calls to give you my assessment as to how we're doing as a wing and provide an avenue for you to ask questions and air concerns. We had great turnouts at each session. I know attendance wasn't an option for our military folks, but I certainly appreciate all the civilians who took time out of their day to hear my
  • Charter-members reflect on Air Guard's first 60 years

    Their membership gets older, and smaller, every day. Nearly 60 years have passed since the Air National Guard formed, but time has not removed distant memories of 1946 and 1947, when these veterans helped claim victory in World War II. You may have met one on your drill weekends outside your shop, or at a base function. A silver-haired man who took
  • AFSO21 - Working Smarter, Not Harder

    By now, most of you have heard of "Air Force Smart Operations 21" (AFSO21), the Air Force-wide initiative to develop leaner, more efficient processes that will save money and time for our organizations. In a nutshell, AFSO21 is all about working smarter not harder. Why is AFSO21 being emphasized--it's because the Air Force is getting much smaller,
  • Strategic planning includes taking care of people

    Last week I discussed some of the specifics of our 82 TRW strategic planning effort called the Balanced Scorecard. I mentioned our new mission statement is "To Deliver Technically Superior, Highly Motivated Warrior Airmen." To achieve this mission requires supporting objectives in two main mission drivers--Tech Training and Airmen Development--both
  • What is a "Designated Driver?"

    The principle is simple: one individual refrains from drinking alcoholic beverages to ensure the safe transportation home of the remaining guests. At the next party, another person volunteers and the responsibility is rotated. In Sweden and the United Kingdom, where the practice originated, designated drivers place their car keys in their empty
  • Write a winning 1206

    If you haven't had an opportunity to serve as a board member for a monthly, quarterly or annual award, then you are missing out on a valuable opportunity. It was there that I learned that scoring an Air Force Form 1206 has a lot to do with how you should write one. I learned even more when I evaluated why our flight hadn't won an NCO of the Quarter
  • Water safety important to summer fun

    Summer is here and as the weather heats up many of us will choose water activities as a way to cool down and have some fun. Here are some tips that can help keep you safe while you're having fun this summer. Swimming · Never swim alone, take a wingman along. · Only swim at approved and/or designated swimming areas. · Do not swim when overheated,
  • Gum infections may mean a host of other diseases

    Studies have shown a possible link between periodontal, or gum, disease and several systemic diseases. Capt. (Dr.) Daniel Palazzolo, 82nd Dental Squadron, said there have been many well documented cases of diabetic patients having an increased risk for periodontitis. However, he said it has also been shown that gum treatment in diabetic patients