• From every mountanside, let freedom ring

    It is the Fourth of July, again! And I just did an unusual thing. I read our Declaration of Independence. This is not my normal Fourth of July activity. Most of my Fourth of Julys have been spent at family gatherings, outdoor activities, resting from a life far too hectic and, of course, watching fantastic fireworks displays. But read the
  • Attitude is everything

    I love the quote from the movie "Remember the Titans" where Julius tells Bertier, "attitude reflects leadership, Cap'n." That key turning point helped the Titan football team overcome individual differences and then pull together as one team to rise above significant challenges. They went on to accomplish great things. I took command of the 82nd
  • Back-to-back special duty assignments can hurt careers

    I arrived at Sheppard in June 2004, after spending 22 years in Air Mobility Command. I have been the 360th Training Squadron superintendent for two years now. Many individuals come to my office to ask for my recommendation to the commander for a follow-on special duty assignment. From my perspective, pulling back-to-back special duty assignments is
  • FOLLOWERSHIP: rules one can lead by

    Many of us read books, take college classes, and attend professional military education courses in preparation to become leaders. In my pursuit to become a leader, I listened and learned with enthusiasm. However, there always seemed as if something was missing, and I believe that to be the training on followership. During the American Civil War,
  • Are you addicted to caffeine?

    Do most people know how much caffeine they are really taking in? Caffeine can be a good thing if it's taken into the body in small doses, but the majority of people might be taking in too much. It's a central nervous system stimulant, which means it makes you feel more awake and aware of your surroundings. In the past, most people consumed caffeine
  • What Airmen should know about future manpower cuts

    The Air Force has begun a massive effort to reduce the total number of manpower authorizations by more than 40,000 across the active, reserve and guard forces, of which 88 percent will come from the active duty ranks. Program Budget Decision 720, the "Air Force Transformation Flight Plan," outlines the service's plan to save more than $21 billion
  • Military nursing personnel: Serving their country, their profession

    National Nurses Week was officially designated in 1994 as May 6 through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightengale, the founder of modern nursing. The Air Force celebrates this special week by honoring all nursing personnel - registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and medical technicians, both active duty and civilian. The American Nurses
  • Follow up: The key to effective leadership

    Gen. George Patton asserted, "Commanders must remember the issuance of an order, or the devising of a plan, is only about five percent of the responsibility of command. The other 95 is to insure the order is carried out." Although General Patton made this statement during World War II, it rings true today and applies not only to command, but to all
  • Thank you mom, dad

    To the parents of our Air Force's finest: As a technical training squadron commander, I have the wonderful privilege of working with the finest Airmen in our great Air Force - your sons and daughters. I have had the honor of serving in our Air Force for more than 19 years, and, in all that time, I have never seen more educated, more motivated and
  • General MacArthur's duty, honor, country: another officer's perspective, interpretation

    When Gen. Douglas MacArthur delivered this famous speech at West Point in his farewell address, he summarized what he called his "guidepost." Although some critics have remarked the speech was one dimensional, General MacArthur was very careful to make the point this guidepost was for the purpose of action in the profession of military arms. So